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Margo Dydek: The Tallest Female Basketball Player

As NBA fans are all aware, there are some very tall guys in the NBA. Basketball Noise has looked at the heights of Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. However, have you ever wondered who the tallest female basketball player ever to have played is?

Who is the tallest female basketball player? Margo Dydek was the tallest female basketball player standing at 7ft2 inches tall. Margo played in the WNBA for the Utah Starzz, San Antonio Silver Stars, Connecticut Suns and the Los Angeles Sparks. After her playing career she moved to Australia to coach.

Who was Margo Dydek?

Margo Dydek had a successful 10 year career in the WNBA. Dydek was born April 1974 in Poland to a family that had always been blessed with height. Both her sisters were over 6ft6 – very large for human females – but must have felt towered over by the 7ft2 Margo. All 3 sisters played Basketball at a high level. But only Margo made it all the way to the bright lights of the WNBA.

Dydek had a very successful career in Europe and for the Poland national team before she finally entered the NBA in 1998. As with many female Basketball stars. She played in multiple leagues at the same time. Playing almost all round the calander to maximise her earning potential due to low wages.

In 1998 Dydek was drafted first in the WNBA by the Utah Starzz, who would later become the San Antonio Silver Stars while Dydek still played for them. During her 10 year career she lived up to that number one billing. Given her massive size she was an excellent rim protector. Retiring as the all time leader in blocks. 877 in 323 games. Yes that’s right. Almost 3 a game over a 10 year span. Winning the blocking title 9 of those years.

Peaking in the early 2000’s she led the league in rebounds as well in 2001.

Margo Dydek shoe size

As you can imagine finding shoes of any kind for a 7ft2 female is hard. Margo wore a US mens size 18 – massive by any standards. As with all tall athletes, especially those who use explosive movements as much as they do in Basketball. Finding foorware to match is absolutely vital. Both on and off the court. If she played now I’m sure she would have manufacturer’s lining up to offer her a shoe deal.

Margo Dydek wasn’t just a novelty tall basketball player. She was a destructive shot blocker. Rebounded like a warrior and earned her place in Basketball legend over a long and hard fought career. Proving she wasn’t just a frame she had started a successful coaching career in Australia before her death in 2011. Sadly, while pregnant with her third child she suffered a heart attack and both her and the baby would die in hospital days later. She was survived by her husband David and their 2 children. Her legacy will live on forever.