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List of National Basketball Association Seasons

The National Basketball Association started in 1946 however, it only became known as the National Basketball Association in the 1949-1950 season. Previously, the National Basketball Association was known as the Basketball Association of America however, when the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged in the 1949-1950 season, the name of the National Basketball Association was adopted. It should be noted that the American Basketball Association was merged into the National Basketball Association in 1976.

Originally, there were 11 teams when the NBA started in 1946. Today the National Basketball Association has 30 teams with 29 of those teams in the United States of America and one team in Canada. The League is split into two conferences (Eastern Conference and Western Conference), which have 15 teams in each conference. Every season the top 10 teams of each conference will make the NBA play-offs and ultimately one team will win the NBA.

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers currently hold the record for the most National Basketball Championships won at 17 each. There are 11 teams who have never won an NBA championship they are the Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Pelicans, LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Since its formation in 1946, the National Basketball Association have had awards initially the awards were Scoring Champion and Assist Champion. The NBA All-Star Game was introduced in 1951 along with the NBA All-Star Game MVP. Rookie of the Year was brought into the league in 1953 and three years later in 1956, the regular season Most Valuable Player was introduced. The NBA Coach of the Year award was introduced in 1963. Six years later in 1969, the NBA Finals MVP was introduced to the league. In 1983 the Defensive Player of the year and the Sixthman award were brought to the NBA. We have compiled below a list of all the National Basketball Association seasons, with the Champions, Runners-up and various awards.

List of National Basketball Association Seasons

YearNBA ChampionRunner-UpNBA Most Valuable PlayerNBA Finals MVPNBA Coach of the YearNBA Defensive Player of the yearSixth Man of the YearScoring ChampionAssist ChampionAll Star Game Winning TeamAll Star MVPRookie of the YearFirst Overall PickNBA Team with First Overall Pick
1947Philadelphia WarriorsChicago StagsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AJoe FulksErnie CalverleyN/AN/AN/AClifton McNeelyPittsburgh Ironmen
1948Baltimore BulletsPhiladelphia WarriorsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AMax ZaslofskyHowie DallmarN/AN/AN/AAndy TonkovichProvidence Steamrollers
1949Minneapolis LakersWashington CapitolsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AGeorge MikanBob DaviesN/AN/AN/AHowie ShannonProvidence Steamrollers
1950Minneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AGeorge MikanDick McGuireN/AN/AN/ACharlie ShareBoston Celtics
1951Rochester RoyalsNew York KnicksN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AGeorge MikanAndy PhillipEastEd MacauleyN/AGene MelchiorreBaltimore Bullets
1952Minneapolis LakersNew York KnicksN/AN/AN/AN/AN/APaul ArizinAndy PhillipEastPaul ArizinN/AMark WorkmanMilwaukee Hawks
1953Minneapolis LakersNew York KnicksN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANeil JohnstonBob CousyWestGeorge MikanDon MeinekeRay FelixBaltimore Bullets
1954Minneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANeil JohnstonBob CousyEastBob CousyRay FelixFrank SelvyBaltimore Bullets
1955Syracuse NationalsFort Wayne PistonsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANeil JohnstonBob CousyEastBill SharmanBob PettitDick RickettsMilwaukee Hawks
1956Philadelphia WarriorsFort Wayne PistonsBob PettitN/AN/AN/AN/ABob PettitBob CousyWestBob PettitMaurice StokesSihugo GreenRochester Royals
1957Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBob CousyN/AN/AN/AN/APaul ArizinBob CousyEastBob CousyTom HeinsohnRod HundleyCincinnati Royals
1958St. Louis HawksBoston CelticsBill RussellN/AN/AN/AN/AGeorge YardleyBob CousyEastBob PettitWoody SauldsberryElgin BaylorMinneapolis Lakers
1959Boston CelticsMinneapolis LakersBob PettitN/AN/AN/AN/ABob PettitBob CousyWestElgin Baylor & Bob PettitElgin BaylorBob BoozerCincinnati Royals
1960Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksWilt ChamberlainN/AN/AN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainBob CousyEastWilt ChamberlainWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals
1961Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBill RussellN/AN/AN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonWestOscar RobertsonOscar RobertsonWalt BellamyChicago Packers
1962Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBill RussellN/AN/AN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonWestBob PettitWalt BellamyBill McGillChicago Zephyrs
1963Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBill RussellN/AHarry GallatinN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainGuy RodgersEastBill RussellTerry DischingerArt HeymanNew York Knicks
1964Boston CelticsSan Francisco WarriorsOscar RobertsonN/AAlex HannumN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonEastOscar RobertsonJerry LucasJim BarnesNew York Knicks
1965Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBill RussellN/ARed AuerbachN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonEastJerry LucasWillis ReedFred HetzelSan Francisco Warriors
1966Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersWilt ChamberlainN/ADolph SchayesN/AN/AWilt ChamberlainOscar RobertsonEastAdrian SmithRick BarryCazzie RussellNew York Knicks
1967Philadelphia 76ersSan Francisco WarriorsWilt ChamberlainN/AJohnny KerrN/AN/ARick BarryGuy RodgersWestRick BarryDave BingJimmy WalkerDetroit Pistons
1968Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersWilt ChamberlainN/ARichie GuerinN/AN/ADave BingWilt ChamberlainEastHal GreerEarl MonroeElvin HayesSan Diego Rockets
1969Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersWes UnseldJerry WestGene ShueN/AN/AElvin HayesOscar RobertsonEastOscar RobertsonWes UnseldLew AlcindorMilwaukee Bucks
1970New York KnicksLos Angeles LakersWillis ReedWillis ReedRed HolzmanN/AN/AJerry WestLenny WilkensEastWillis ReedLew AlcindorBob LanierDetroit Pistons
1971Milwaukee BucksBaltimore BulletsLew AlcindorLew AlcindorDick MottaN/AN/ALew AlcindorNorm Van LierWestLenny WilkensDave Cowens & Geoff PetrieAustin CarrCleveland Cavaliers
1972Los Angeles LakersNew York KnicksKareem Abdul-JabbarWilt ChamberlainBill SharmanN/AN/AKareem Abdul-JabbarJerry WestWestJerry WestSidney WicksLaRue MartinPortland Trail Blazers
1973New York KnicksLos Angeles LakersDave CowensWillis ReedTom HeinsohnN/AN/ANate ArchibaldNate ArchibaldEastDave CowensBob McAdooDoug CollinsPhiladelphia 76ers
1974Boston CelticsMilwaukee BucksKareem Abdul-JabbarJohn HavlicekRay ScottN/AN/ABob McAdooErnie DiGregorioWestBob LanierErnie DiGregorioBill WaltonPortland Trail Blazers
1975Golden State WarriorsWashington BulletsBob McAdooRick BarryPhil JohnsonN/AN/ABob McAdooKevin PorterEastWalt FrazierJamaal WilkesDavid ThompsonAtlanta Hawks
1976Boston CelticsPhoenix SunsKareem Abdul-JabbarJo Jo WhiteBill FitchN/AN/ABob McAdooSlick WattsEastDave BingAlvan AdamsJohn LucasHouston Rockets
1977Portland Trail BlazersPhiladelphia 76ersKareem Abdul-JabbarBill WaltonTom NissalkeN/AN/APete MaravichDon BuseWestJulius ErvingAdrian DantleyKent BensonMilwaukee Bucks
1978Washington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsBill WaltonWes UnseldHubie BrownN/AN/AGeorge GervinKevin PorterEastRandy SmithWalter DavisMychal ThompsonPortland Trail Blazers
1979Seattle SuperSonicsWashington BulletsMoses MaloneDennis JohnsonCotton FitzsimmonsN/AN/AGeorge GervinKevin PorterWestDavid ThompsonPhil FordMagic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers
1980Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersKareem Abdul-JabbarMagic JohnsonBill FitchN/AN/AGeorge GervinMichael Ray RichardsonEastGeorge GervinLarry BirdJoe Barry CarrollGolden State Warriors
1981Boston CelticsHouston RocketsJulius ErvingCedric MaxwellJack McKinneyN/AN/AAdrian DantleyKevin PorterEastNate ArchibaldDarrell GriffithMark AguirreDallas Mavericks
1982Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersMoses MaloneMagic JohnsonGene ShueN/AN/AGeorge GervinJohnny MooreEastLarry BirdBuck WilliamsJames WorthyLos Angeles Lakers
1983Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersMoses MaloneMoses MaloneDon NelsonSidney MoncriefBobby JonesAlex EnglishMagic JohnsonEastJulius ErvingTerry CummingsRalph SampsonHouston Rockets
1984Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersLarry BirdLarry BirdFrank LaydenSidney MoncriefKevin McHaleAdrian DantleyMagic JohnsonEastIsiah ThomasRalph SampsonHakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets
1985Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsLarry BirdKareem Abdul-JabbarDon NelsonMark EatonKevin McHaleBernard KingIsiah ThomasWestRalph SampsonMichael JordanPatrick EwingNew York Knicks
1986Boston CelticsHouston RocketsLarry BirdLarry BirdMike FratelloAlvin RobertsonBill WaltonDominique WilkinsMagic JohnsonEastIsiah ThomasPatrick EwingBrad DaughertyCleveland Cavaliers
1987Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsMagic JohnsonMagic JohnsonMike SchulerMichael CooperRicky PierceMichael JordanMagic JohnsonWestTom ChambersChuck PersonDavid RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs
1988Los Angeles LakersDetroit PistonsMichael JordanJames WorthyDoug MoeMichael JordanRoy TarpleyMichael JordanJohn StocktonEastMichael JordanMark JacksonDanny ManningLos Angeles Clippers
1989Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersMagic JohnsonJoe DumarsCotton FitzsimmonsMark EatonEddie JohnsonMichael JordanJohn StocktonWestKarl MaloneMitch RichmondPervis EllisonSacramento Kings
1990Detroit PistonsPortland Trail BlazersMagic JohnsonIsiah ThomasPat RileyDennis RodmanRicky PierceMichael JordanJohn StocktonEastMagic JohnsonDavid RobinsonDerrick ColemanNew Jersey Nets
1991Chicago BullsLos Angeles LakersMichael JordanMichael JordanDon ChaneyDennis RodmanDetlef SchrempfMichael JordanJohn StocktonEastCharles BarkleyDerrick ColemanLarry JohnsonCharlotte Hornets
1992Chicago BullsPortland Trail BlazersMichael JordanMichael JordanDon NelsonDavid RobinsonDetlef SchrempfMichael JordanJohn StocktonWestMagic JohnsonLarry JohnsonShaquille O'NealOrlando Magic
1993Chicago BullsPhoenix SunsCharles BarkleyMichael JordanPat RileyHakeem OlajuwonClifford RobinsonMichael JordanJohn StocktonWestJohn Stockton & Karl MaloneShaquille O'NealChris WebberOrlando Magic
1994Houston RocketsNew York KnicksHakeem OlajuwonHakeem OlajuwonLenny WilkensHakeem OlajuwonDell CurryDavid RobinsonJohn StocktonEastScottie PippenChris WebberGlenn RobinsonMilwaukee Bucks
1995Houston RocketsOrlando MagicDavid RobinsonHakeem OlajuwonDel HarrisDikembe MutomboAnthony MasonShaquille O'NealJohn StocktonWestMitch RichmondGrant Hill & Jason KiddJoe SmithGolden State Warriors
1996Chicago BullsSeattle SuperSonicsMichael JordanMichael JordanPhil JacksonGary PaytonToni KukočMichael JordanJohn StocktonEastMichael JordanDamon StoudamireAllen IversonPhiladelphia 76ers
1997Chicago BullsUtah JazzKarl MaloneMichael JordanPat RileyDikembe MutomboJohn StarksMichael JordanMark JacksonEastGlen RiceAllen IversonTim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs
1998Chicago BullsUtah JazzMichael JordanMichael JordanLarry BirdDikembe MutomboDanny ManningMichael JordanRod StricklandEastMichael JordanTim DuncanMichael OlowokandiLos Angeles Clippers
1999San Antonio SpursNew York KnicksKarl MaloneTim DuncanMike DunleavyAlonzo MourningDarrell ArmstrongAllen IversonJason KiddCancelled Due to the NBA LockoutCancelled Due to the NBA LockoutVince CarterElton BrandChicago Bulls
2000Los Angeles LakersIndiana PacersShaquille O'NealShaquille O'NealDoc RiversAlonzo MourningRodney RogersShaquille O'NealJason KiddWestShaquille O'Neal & Tim DuncanElton Brand & Steve FrancisKenyon MartinNew Jersey Nets
2001Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersAllen IversonShaquille O'NealLarry BrownDikembe MutomboAaron McKieAllen IversonJason KiddEastAllen IversonMike MillerKwame BrownWashington Wizards
2002Los Angeles LakersNew Jersey NetsTim DuncanShaquille O'NealRick CarlisleBen WallaceCorliss WilliamsonAllen IversonAndre MillerWestKobe BryantPau GasolYao MingHouston Rockets
2003San Antonio SpursNew Jersey NetsTim DuncanTim DuncanGregg PopovichBen WallaceBobby JacksonTracy McGradyJason KiddWestKevin GarnettAmar'e StoudemireLeBron JamesCleveland Cavaliers
2004Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersKevin GarnettChauncey BillupsHubie BrownRon ArtestAntawn JamisonTracy McGradyJason KiddWestShaquille O'NealLeBron JamesDwight HowardOrlando Magic
2005San Antonio SpursDetroit PistonsSteve NashTim DuncanMike D'AntoniBen WallaceBen GordonAllen IversonSteve NashEastAllen IversonEmeka OkaforAndrew BogutMilwaukee Bucks
2006Miami HeatDallas MavericksSteve NashDwyane WadeAvery JohnsonBen WallaceMike MillerKobe BryantSteve NashEastLeBron JamesChris PaulAndrea BargnaniToronto Raptors
2007San Antonio SpursCleveland CavaliersDirk NowitzkiTony ParkerSam MitchellMarcus CambyLeandro BarbosaKobe BryantSteve NashWestKobe BryantBrandon RoyGreg OdenPortland Trail Blazers
2008Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersKobe BryantPaul PierceByron ScottKevin GarnettManu GinóbiliLeBron JamesChris PaulEastLeBron JamesKevin DurantDerrick RoseChicago Bulls
2009Los Angeles LakersOrlando MagicLeBron JamesKobe BryantMike BrownDwight HowardJason TerryDwyane WadeChris PaulWestKobe Bryant & Shaquille O'NealDerrick RoseBlake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers
2010Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsLeBron JamesKobe BryantScott BrooksDwight HowardJamal CrawfordKevin DurantSteve NashEastDwyane WadeTyreke EvansJohn WallWashington Wizards
2011Dallas MavericksMiami HeatDerrick RoseDirk NowitzkiTom ThibodeauDwight HowardLamar OdomKevin DurantSteve NashWestKobe BryantBlake GriffinKyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers
2012Miami HeatOklahoma City ThunderLeBron JamesLeBron JamesGregg PopovichTyson ChandlerJames HardenKevin DurantRajon RondoWestKevin DurantKyrie IrvingAnthony DavisNew Orleans Hornets
2013Miami HeatSan Antonio SpursLeBron JamesLeBron JamesGeorge KarlMarc GasolJ. R. SmithCarmelo AnthonyRajon RondoWestChris PaulDamian LillardAnthony BennettCleveland Cavaliers
2014San Antonio SpursMiami HeatKevin DurantKawhi LeonardGregg PopovichJoakim NoahJamal CrawfordKevin DurantChris PaulEastKyrie IrvingMichael Carter-WilliamsAndrew WigginsCleveland Cavaliers
2015Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersStephen CurryAndre IguodalaMike BudenholzerKawhi LeonardLou WilliamsRussell WestbrookChris PaulWestRussell WestbrookAndrew WigginsKarl-Anthony TownsMinnesota Timberwolves
2016Cleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsStephen CurryLeBron JamesSteve KerrKawhi LeonardJamal CrawfordStephen CurryRajon RondoWestRussell WestbrookKarl-Anthony TownsBen SimmonsPhiladelphia 76ers
2017Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersRussell WestbrookKevin DurantMike D'AntoniDraymond GreenEric GordonRussell WestbrookJames HardenWestAnthony DavisMalcolm BrogdonMarkelle FultzPhiladelphia 76ers
2018Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersJames HardenKevin DurantDwane CaseyRudy GobertLou WilliamsJames HardenRussell WestbrookTeam LeBronLeBron JamesBen SimmonsDeandre AytonPhoenix Suns
2019Toronto RaptorsGolden State WarriorsGiannis AntetokounmpoKawhi LeonardMike BudenholzerRudy GobertLou WilliamsJames HardenRussell WestbrookTeam LeBronKevin DurantLuka DončićZion WilliamsonNew Orleans Pelicans
2020Los Angeles LakersMiami HeatGiannis AntetokounmpoLeBron JamesNick NurseGiannis AntetokounmpoMontrezl HarrellJames HardenLeBron JamesTeam LeBronKawhi LeonardJa MorantAnthony EdwardsMinnesota Timberwolves
2021Milwaukee BucksPhoenix SunsNikola JokićGiannis AntetokounmpoTom ThibodeauRudy GobertJordan ClarksonStephen CurryRussell WestbrookTeam LeBronGiannis AntetokounmpoLaMelo BallCade CunninghamDetroit Pistons
2022Golden State WarriorsBoston CelticsNikola JokićStephen CurryMonty WilliamsMarcus SmartTyler HerroJoel EmbiidChris PaulTeam LeBronStephen CurryScottie BarnesPaolo BancheroOrlando Magic

What is the best season record in NBA history?

The best season by a team in NBA history is the Golden State Warriors who went the 2015-2016 regular season with 73 wins and 9 losses. Although this was a fantastic feat, the Warriors failed to win the NBA Championship as LeBron James led a comeback for the Cleveland Cavaliers, coming back from being 3-1 down to winning the series 3-4.

Prior to this record by the Golden State Warriors, the 1996 Chicago Bulls went for 72 wins and 10 losses in the regular season, as well as winning a championship ring.

How long is a basketball season?

How long is the basketball season? The NBA basketball season is 82 games long however, this does not include the NBA playoff games. Below is infographic of how the NBA Season progresses.

How many games in a regular season including playoffs?

Every NBA team will play 82 games in the season however, the total number of games depends on a teams journey in the playoffs. The NBA teams that finish 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th in the conference, could potentially play the most NBA Games including the playoffs. This is because the teams that finish in these specific positions have to take part in the NBA Play-in which could potentially consist of two games. If one of the play in teams then goes on to win the NBA Championship but goes the full seven games in every round the maximum number of regular season games including playoffs would be 112 games!

The smallest number of games to win an NBA Championship would be 98 games. This would be a team that avoided the play-in tournament and swept every team on their way the winning the NBA.

What is the best undefeated start in NBA history?

As mentioned previously the Golden State Warriors went through the 2015-16 NBA season with only 9 losses and 73 wins. However, the Golden State Warriors had the best start of any NBA team season winning their first 24 games of the season to give the Golden State Warriors the best undefeated start in NBA history.

List of NBA Teams by Single Season win Percentage

The below table identifies each NBA teams best win percentage by season.

NBA TeamBest Single Season Win PercentageSeason With Best Win Percentage
Atlanta Hawks.7322014-15
Boston Celtics.8171985-86
Brooklyn Nets.6672020-21
Charlotte Hornets.6591996-97
Chicago Bulls.8781995-96
Cleveland Cavaliers.8052008-09
Dallas Mavericks.7322005-06
Denver Nuggets.6952012-13
Detroit Pistons.7802005-06
Golden State Warriors.8902015-16
Houston Rockets.7932017-18
Indiana Pacers.7442003-04
Los Angeles Clippers.6812019-20
Los Angeles Lakers.8171999-00
Memphis Grizzlies.6832021-22
Miami Heat.7441996-97
Milwaukee Bucks.7672019-20
Minnesota Timberwolves.7072003-04
New Orleans Pelicans.6832007-08
New York Knicks.7321969-70 & 1992-93
Oklahoma City Thunder.7681993-94
Orlando Magic.7321995&96
Philadelphia 76ers.7971949-50
Phoenix Suns.7802021-22
Portland Trail Blazers.7681990-91
Sacramento Kings.7501949-50
San Antonio Spurs.7582011-12
Toronto Raptors.7362019-20
Utah Jazz.7801996-97
Washington Wizards.6951968-69

List of Highest Paid Players by Season

The below list shows the highest paid player in the NBA since 1984.

NBA SeasonHighest paid NBA Player by SeasonNBA Contract Value
1985Magic Johnson$2,500,000
1986Magic Johnson$2,500,001
1987Magic Johnson$2,500,002
1988Patrick Ewing$2,750,000
1989Patrick Ewing$3,250,000
1990Patrick Ewing$3,750,000
1991Patrick Ewing$4,250,000
1992Larry Bird$7,070,000
1993David Robinson$5,720,000
1994David Robinson$5,740,000
1995Magic Johnson$14,660,000
1996Patrick Ewing$18,724,000
1997Michael Jordan$30,140,000
1998Michael Jordan$33,140,000
1999Patrick Ewing$18,500,000
2000Shaquille O’Neal$17,142,000
2001Kevin Garnett$19,600,000
2002Kevin Garnett$22,400,000
2003Kevin Garnett$25,200,000
2004Kevin Garnett$28,000,000
2005Shaquille O’Neal$27,696,430
2006Shaquille O’Neal$20,000,000
2007Kevin Garnett$21,000,000
2008Kevin Garnett$23,751,934
2009Kevin Garnett$24,751,934
2010Kobe Bryant$23,034,375
2011Kobe Bryant$24,806,250
2012Kobe Bryant$25,244,493
2013Kobe Bryant$30,453,805
2014Kobe Bryant$30,453,805
2015Kobe Bryant$23,500,000
2016Kobe Bryant$25,000,000
2017LeBron James$30,963,450
2018Steph Curry$34,682,550
2019Steph Curry$37,457,154
2020Steph Curry$40,231,758
2021Steph Curry$43,006,362
2022Steph Curry$45,780,966
2023Steph Curry$48,070,014

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