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List of National Basketball Association Seasons

The National Basketball Association started in 1946 however, it only became known as the National Basketball Association in the 1949-1950 season. Previously, the National Basketball Association was known as the Basketball Association of America however, when the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged in the 1949-1950 season, the name of the National Basketball Association was adopted. It should be noted that the American Basketball Association was merged into the National Basketball Association in 1976.

Originally, there were 11 teams when the NBA started in 1946. Today the National Basketball Association has 30 teams with 29 of those teams in the United States of America and one team in Canada. The League is split into two conferences (Eastern Conference and Western Conference), which have 15 teams in each conference. Every season the top 10 teams of each conference will make the NBA play-offs and ultimately one team will win the NBA.

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers currently hold the record for the most National Basketball Championships won at 17 each. There are 11 teams who have never won an NBA championship they are the Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Pelicans, LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Since its formation in 1946, the National Basketball Association have had awards initially the awards were Scoring Champion and Assist Champion. The NBA All-Star Game was introduced in 1951 along with the NBA All-Star Game MVP. Rookie of the Year was brought into the league in 1953 and three years later in 1956, the regular season Most Valuable Player was introduced. The NBA Coach of the Year award was introduced in 1963. Six years later in 1969, the NBA Finals MVP was introduced to the league. In 1983 the Defensive Player of the year and the Sixthman award were brought to the NBA. We have compiled below a list of all the National Basketball Association seasons, with the Champions, Runners-up and various awards.

List of National Basketball Association Champions by Season

NBA SeasonNBA ChampionRunner-UpNBA ChampionsNBA CoachNBA Finals MVP
1947Philadelphia WarriorsChicago StagsPhiladelphia WarriorsEddie GottliebNo Finals MVP Award
1948Baltimore BulletsPhiladelphia WarriorsBaltimore BulletsBuddy JeannetteNo Finals MVP Award
1949Minneapolis LakersWashington CapitolsMinneapolis LakersJohn KundlaNo Finals MVP Award
1950Minneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsMinneapolis LakersJohn KundlaNo Finals MVP Award
1951Rochester RoyalsNew York KnicksRochester RoyalsLes HarrisonNo Finals MVP Award
1952Minneapolis LakersNew York KnicksMinneapolis LakersJohn KundlaNo Finals MVP Award
1953Minneapolis LakersNew York KnicksMinneapolis LakersJohn KundlaNo Finals MVP Award
1954Minneapolis LakersSyracuse NationalsMinneapolis LakersJohn KundlaNo Finals MVP Award
1955Syracuse NationalsFort Wayne PistonsSyracuse NationalsAl CerviNo Finals MVP Award
1956Philadelphia WarriorsFort Wayne PistonsPhiladelphia WarriorsGeorge SeneskyNo Finals MVP Award
1957Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1958St. Louis HawksBoston CelticsSt. Louis HawksAlex HannumNo Finals MVP Award
1959Boston CelticsMinneapolis LakersBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1960Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1961Boston CelticsSt. Louis HawksBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1962Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1963Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1964Boston CelticsSan Francisco WarriorsBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1965Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1966Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsRed AuerbachNo Finals MVP Award
1967Philadelphia 76ersSan Francisco WarriorsPhiladelphia 76ersAlex HannumNo Finals MVP Award
1968Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsBill RussellNo Finals MVP Award
1969Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsBill RussellJerry West
1970New York KnicksLos Angeles LakersNew York KnicksRed HolzmanWillis Reed
1971Milwaukee BucksBaltimore BulletsMilwaukee BucksLarry CostelloLew Alcindor
1972Los Angeles LakersNew York KnicksLos Angeles LakersBill SharmanWilt Chamberlain
1973New York KnicksLos Angeles LakersNew York KnicksRed HolzmanWillis Reed
1974Boston CelticsMilwaukee BucksBoston CelticsTom HeinsohnJohn Havlicek
1975Golden State WarriorsWashington BulletsGolden State WarriorsAl AttlesRick Barry
1976Boston CelticsPhoenix SunsBoston CelticsTom HeinsohnJo Jo White
1977Portland Trail BlazersPhiladelphia 76ersPortland Trail BlazersJack RamsayBill Walton
1978Washington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsWashington BulletsDick MottaWes Unseld
1979Seattle SuperSonicsWashington BulletsSeattle SuperSonicsLenny WilkensDennis Johnson
1980Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersPaul WestheadMagic Johnson
1981Boston CelticsHouston RocketsBoston CelticsBill FitchCedric Maxwell
1982Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersPat RileyMagic Johnson
1983Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersBilly CunninghamMoses Malone
1984Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsK. C. JonesLarry Bird
1985Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersPat RileyKareem Abdul-Jabbar
1986Boston CelticsHouston RocketsBoston CelticsK. C. JonesLarry Bird
1987Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersPat RileyMagic Johnson
1988Los Angeles LakersDetroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersPat RileyJames Worthy
1989Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersDetroit PistonsChuck DalyJoe Dumars
1990Detroit PistonsPortland Trail BlazersDetroit PistonsChuck DalyIsiah Thomas
1991Chicago BullsLos Angeles LakersChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1992Chicago BullsPortland Trail BlazersChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1993Chicago BullsPhoenix SunsChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1994Houston RocketsNew York KnicksHouston RocketsRudy TomjanovichHakeem Olajuwon
1995Houston RocketsOrlando MagicHouston RocketsRudy TomjanovichHakeem Olajuwon
1996Chicago BullsSeattle SuperSonicsChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1997Chicago BullsUtah JazzChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1998Chicago BullsUtah JazzChicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan
1999San Antonio SpursNew York KnicksSan Antonio SpursGregg PopovichTim Duncan
2000Los Angeles LakersIndiana PacersLos Angeles LakersPhil JacksonShaquille O’Neal
2001Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersLos Angeles LakersPhil JacksonShaquille O’Neal
2002Los Angeles LakersNew Jersey NetsLos Angeles LakersPhil JacksonShaquille O’Neal
2003San Antonio SpursNew Jersey NetsSan Antonio SpursGregg PopovichTim Duncan
2004Detroit PistonsLos Angeles LakersDetroit PistonsLarry BrownChauncey Billups
2005San Antonio SpursDetroit PistonsSan Antonio SpursGregg PopovichTim Duncan
2006Miami HeatDallas MavericksMiami HeatPat RileyDwyane Wade
2007San Antonio SpursCleveland CavaliersSan Antonio SpursGregg PopovichTony Parker
2008Boston CelticsLos Angeles LakersBoston CelticsDoc RiversPaul Pierce
2009Los Angeles LakersOrlando MagicLos Angeles LakersPhil JacksonKobe Bryant
2010Los Angeles LakersBoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersPhil JacksonKobe Bryant
2011Dallas MavericksMiami HeatDallas MavericksRick CarlisleDirk Nowitzki
2012Miami HeatOklahoma City ThunderMiami HeatErik SpoelstraLeBron James
2013Miami HeatSan Antonio SpursMiami HeatErik SpoelstraLeBron James
2014San Antonio SpursMiami HeatSan Antonio SpursGregg PopovichKawhi Leonard
2015Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsSteve KerrAndre Iguodala
2016Cleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersTyronn LueLeBron James
2017Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsSteve KerrKevin Durant
2018Golden State WarriorsCleveland CavaliersGolden State WarriorsSteve KerrKevin Durant
2019Toronto RaptorsGolden State WarriorsToronto RaptorsNick NurseKawhi Leonard
2020Los Angeles LakersMiami HeatLos Angeles LakersFrank VogelLeBron James
2021Milwaukee BucksPhoenix SunsMilwaukee BucksMike BudenholzerGiannis Antetokounmpo
2022Golden State WarriorsBoston CelticsGolden State WarriorsSteve KerrStephen Curry

List of National Basketball Association Seasons Annual Scoring Leaders

The following list is the list of National Basketball Association Annual scoring leaders from 1946 to this past season. The table identifies the seasons, the NBA player who scored the most in a season, the position of that player and the team they played for. The table also identifies the number of games played by the player, the totally of points they scored and the average points per game. It’s important to remember that the 82 game season only came into effect in the 1967-68 NBA season

NBA SeasonNBA PlayerPositionNBA TeamGames PlayedTotal PointsPoints Per Game
1946–47Joe FulksForward/CenterPhiladelphia Warriors601,38923.2
1947–48Max ZaslofskyGuard/ForwardChicago Stags481,00721
1948–49George MikanCenterMinneapolis Lakers601,69828.3
1949–50George MikanCenterMinneapolis Lakers681,86527.4
1950–51George MikanCenterMinneapolis Lakers681,93228.4
1951–52Paul ArizinForward/GuardPhiladelphia Warriors661,67425.4
1952–53Neil JohnstonCenterPhiladelphia Warriors701,56422.3
1953–54Neil JohnstonCenterPhiladelphia Warriors721,75924.5
1954–55Neil JohnstonCenterPhiladelphia Warriors721,63122.7
1955–56Bob PettitForward/CenterSt. Louis Hawks721,84925.7
1956–57Paul ArizinForward/GuardPhiladelphia Warriors711,81725.6
1957–58George YardleyForward/GuardDetroit Pistons722,00127.8
1958–59Bob PettitForward/CenterSt. Louis Hawks722,10529.2
1959–60Wilt ChamberlainCenterPhiladelphia Warriors722,70737.6
1960–61Wilt ChamberlainCenterPhiladelphia Warriors793,03338.4
1961–62Wilt ChamberlainCenterPhiladelphia Warriors804,02950.4
1962–63Wilt ChamberlainCenterSan Francisco Warriors803,58644.8
1963–64Wilt ChamberlainCenterSan Francisco Warriors802,94836.9
1964–65Wilt ChamberlainCenterSan Francisco Warriors Philadelphia 76ers732,53434.7
1965–66Wilt ChamberlainCenterPhiladelphia 76ers792,64933.5
1966–67Rick BarryForwardSan Francisco Warriors782,77535.6
1967–68Dave BingGuardDetroit Pistons792,14227.1
1968–69Elvin HayesForward/CenterSan Diego Rockets822,32728.4
1969–70Jerry WestGuardLos Angeles Lakers742,30931.2
1970–71Lew AlcindorCenterMilwaukee Bucks822,59631.7
1971–72Kareem Abdul-JabbarCenterMilwaukee Bucks812,82234.8
1972–73Nate ArchibaldGuardKansas City-Omaha Kings802,71934
1973–74Bob McAdooCenter/ForwardBuffalo Braves742,26130.6
1974–75Bob McAdooCenter/ForwardBuffalo Braves822,83134.5
1975–76Bob McAdooCenter/ForwardBuffalo Braves782,42731.1
1976–77Pete MaravichGuardNew Orleans Jazz732,27331.1
1977–78George GervinGuard/ForwardSan Antonio Spurs822,23227.2
1978–79George GervinGuard/ForwardSan Antonio Spurs802,36529.6
1979–80George GervinGuard/ForwardSan Antonio Spurs782,58533.1
1980–81Adrian DantleyForward/GuardUtah Jazz802,45230.7
1981–82George GervinGuard/ForwardSan Antonio Spurs792,55132.3
1982–83Alex EnglishForwardDenver Nuggets822,32628.4
1983–84Adrian DantleyForward/GuardUtah Jazz792,41830.6
1984–85Bernard KingFowardNew York Knicks551,80932.9
1985–86Dominique WilkinsFowardAtlanta Hawks782,36630.3
1986–87Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls823,04137.1
1987–88Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,86835
1988–89Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls812,63332.5
1989–90Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,75333.6
1990–91Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,58031.5
1991–92Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls802,40430.1
1992–93Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls782,54132.6
1993–94David RobinsonCenterSan Antonio Spurs802,38329.8
1994–95Shaquille O’NealCenterOrlando Magic792,31529.3
1995–96Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,49130.4
1996–97Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,43129.6
1997–98Michael JordanGuardChicago Bulls822,35728.7
1998–99Allen IversonGuardPhiladelphia 76ers481,28426.8
1999–2000Shaquille O’NealCenterLos Angeles Lakers792,34429.7
2000–01Allen IversonGuardPhiladelphia 76ers712,20731.1
2001–02Allen IversonGuardPhiladelphia 76ers601,88331.4
2002–03Tracy McGradyGuard/ForwardOrlando Magic752,40732.1
2003–04Tracy McGradyGuard/ForwardOrlando Magic671,87828
2004–05Allen IversonGuardPhiladelphia 76ers752,30230.7
2005–06Kobe BryantGuardLos Angeles Lakers802,83235.4
2006–07Kobe BryantGuardLos Angeles Lakers772,43031.6
2007–08LeBron JamesForwardCleveland Cavaliers752,25030
2008–09Dwyane WadeGuardMiami Heat792,38630.2
2009–10Kevin DurantForwardOklahoma City Thunder822,47230.1
2010–11Kevin DurantForwardOklahoma City Thunder782,16127.7
2011–12Kevin DurantForwardOklahoma City Thunder661,85028
2012–13Carmelo AnthonyForwardNew York Knicks671,92028.7
2013–14Kevin DurantForwardOklahoma City Thunder812,59332
2014–15Russell WestbrookGuardOklahoma City Thunder671,88628.1
2015–16Stephen CurryGuardGolden State Warriors792,37530.1
2016–17Russell WestbrookGuardOklahoma City Thunder812,55831.6
2017–18James HardenGuardHouston Rockets722,19130.4
2018–19James HardenGuardHouston Rockets782,81836.1
2019–20James HardenGuardHouston Rockets682,33534.3
2020–21Stephen CurryGuardGolden State Warriors632,01532
2021–22Joel EmbiidCenterPhiladelphia 76ers682,07930.6

As a summary of the annual scoring leader table, the first obvious analysis is that the individuals who usually win the annual scoring are centers or forwards. However, in more recent years guards have won more of the scoring titles and this can attributed to more three pointers being scored in the modern game.

Wilt Chamberlain was a dominant force in the NBA and he won the annual NBA Scoring title for seven years straight. To highlight his dominance we took the average of the points scored per game for all the annual NBA Scoring Title winners which equaled 39.19 per game. However, Wilt averaged 39 points per game over the seven seasons he won. We put each of Wilt’s individuals season points in a graph against the average of the scoring leader and you can see his dominance. Wilt also played almost 80 games in every season therefore, it can not be argued that his stats are padded due to playing less games.

List of National Basketball Association Seasons Rebounds Scoring Leaders

NBA SeasonNBA PlayerPositionNBA TeamGames PlayedTotal ReboundsRebounds Per Game
1950–51Dolph SchayesF/CSyracuse Nationals661,08016.36
1951–52Larry FoustCFort Wayne Pistons6688013.33
1951–52Mel HutchinsCMilwaukee Hawks6688013.33
1952–53George MikanCMinneapolis Lakers701,00714.39
1953–54Harry GallatinF/CNew York Knicks721,09815.25
1954–55Neil JohnstonCPhiladelphia Warriors721,08515.07
1955–56Bob PettitCSt. Louis Hawks721,16416.17
1956–57Maurice StokesFRochester Royals721,25617.44
1957–58Bill RussellCBoston Celtics691,56422.67
1958–59Bill RussellCBoston Celtics701,61223.03
1959–60Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia Warriors721,94126.96
1960–61Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia Warriors792,14927.2
1961–62Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia Warriors802,05225.65
1962–63Wilt ChamberlainCSan Francisco Warriors801,94624.32
1963–64Bill RussellCBoston Celtics781,93024.74
1964–65Bill RussellCBoston Celtics781,87824.08
1965–66Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia 76ers791,94324.59
1966–67Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia 76ers811,95724.16
1967–68Wilt ChamberlainCPhiladelphia 76ers821,95223.8
1968–69Wilt ChamberlainCLos Angeles Lakers811,71221.14
1969–70Elvin HayesCSan Diego Rockets821,38616.9
1970–71Wilt ChamberlainCLos Angeles Lakers821,49318.21
1971–72Wilt ChamberlainCLos Angeles Lakers821,57219.17
1972–73Wilt ChamberlainCLos Angeles Lakers821,52618.61
1973–74Elvin HayesFCapital Bullets811,46318.06
1974–75Wes UnseldC/FWashington Bullets731,07714.75
1975–76Kareem Abdul-JabbarCLos Angeles Lakers821,38316.87
1976–77Bill WaltonC/FPortland Trail Blazers6593414.37
1977–78Truck RobinsonC/FNew Orleans Jazz821,28815.71
1978–79Moses MaloneCHouston Rockets821,44417.61
1979–80Swen NaterCSan Diego Clippers811,21615.01
1980–81Moses MaloneCHouston Rockets801,18014.75
1981–82Moses MaloneCHouston Rockets811,18814.67
1982–83Moses MaloneCPhiladelphia 76ers781,19415.31
1983–84Moses MaloneCPhiladelphia 76ers7195013.38
1984–85Moses MaloneCPhiladelphia 76ers791,03113.05
1985–86Bill LaimbeerCDetroit Pistons821,07513.11
1986–87Charles BarkleyFPhiladelphia 76ers6899414.62
1987–88Michael CageF/CLos Angeles Clippers7293813.03
1988–89Akeem OlajuwonCHouston Rockets821,10513.48
1989–90Akeem OlajuwonCHouston Rockets821,14914.01
1990–91David RobinsonCSan Antonio Spurs821,06312.96
1991–92Dennis RodmanFDetroit Pistons821,53018.66
1992–93Dennis RodmanFDetroit Pistons621,13218.26
1993–94Dennis RodmanFSan Antonio Spurs791,36717.3
1994–95Dennis RodmanFSan Antonio Spurs4982316.8
1995–96Dennis RodmanFChicago Bulls6495214.88
1996–97Dennis RodmanFChicago Bulls5588316.05
1997–98Dennis RodmanFChicago Bulls801,20115.01
1998–99Chris WebberF/CSacramento Kings4254512.98
1999–00Dikembe MutomboCAtlanta Hawks821,15714.11
2000–01Dikembe MutomboCAtlanta Hawks751,01513.53
2001–02Ben WallaceC/FDetroit Pistons801,03912.99
2002–03Ben WallaceC/FDetroit Pistons731,12615.42
2003–04Kevin GarnettF/CMinnesota Timberwolves821,13913.89
2004–05Kevin GarnettF/CMinnesota Timberwolves821,10813.51
2005–06Kevin GarnettF/CMinnesota Timberwolves7696612.71
2006–07Kevin GarnettF/CMinnesota Timberwolves7697512.83
2007–08Dwight HowardCOrlando Magic821,16114.16
2008–09Dwight HowardCOrlando Magic791,09313.84
2009–10Dwight HowardCOrlando Magic821,08213.2
2010–11Kevin LoveF/CMinnesota Timberwolves731,11215.23
2011–12Dwight HowardCOrlando Magic5478514.54
2012–13Dwight HowardCLos Angeles Lakers7694512.43
2013–14DeAndre JordanCLos Angeles Clippers821,11413.59
2014–15DeAndre JordanCLos Angeles Clippers821,22614.95
2015–16Andre DrummondCDetroit Pistons811,19814.79
2016–17Hassan WhitesideCMiami Heat771,08814.13
2017–18Andre DrummondCDetroit Pistons781,24715.99
2018–19Andre DrummondCDetroit Pistons791,23215.59
2019–20Andre DrummondCDetroit Pistons5725015.6
2020–21Clint CapelaCAtlanta Hawks6390314.33
2021–22Rudy GobertCUtah Jazz6696814.67

List of National Basketball Association Seasons Annual Steals Leaders

NBA SeasonNBA PlayerNBA TeamSteals per game
1973-74Larry SteelePortland Trail Blazers2.7
1974-75Rick BarryGolden State Warriors2.9
1975-76Slick WattsSeattle SuperSonics3.2
1976-77Don BuseIndiana Pacers3.5
1977-78Ron LeePhoenix Suns2.7
1978-79M.L. CarrDetroit Pistons2.5
1979-80Micheal Ray RichardsonNew York Knicks3.2
1980-81Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers3.4
1981-82Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers2.7
1982-83Micheal Ray RichardsonNew Jersey Nets2.8
1983-84Rickey GreenUtah Jazz2.7
1984-85Micheal Ray RichardsonNew Jersey Nets3
1985-86Alvin RobertsonSan Antonio Spurs3.7
1986-87Alvin RobertsonSan Antonio Spurs3.2
1987-88Michael JordanChicago Bulls3.2
1988-89John StocktonUtah Jazz3.2
1989-90Michael JordanChicago Bulls2.8
1990-91Alvin RobertsonMilwaukee Bucks3
1991-92John StocktonUtah Jazz3
1992-93Michael JordanChicago Bulls2.8
1993-94Nate McMillanSeattle SuperSonics3
1994-95Scottie PippenChicago Bulls2.9
1995-96Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonics2.9
1996-97Mookie BlaylockAtlanta Hawks2.7
1997-98Mookie BlaylockAtlanta Hawks2.6
1998-99Kendall GillNew Jersey Nets2.7
1999-00Eddie JonesCharlotte Hornets2.7
2001-02Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ers2.8
2002-03Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ers2.7
2003-04Baron DavisNew Orleans Hornets2.4
2004-05Larry HughesWashington Wizards2.9
2005-06Gerald WallaceCharlotte Bobcats2.5
2006-07Baron DavisGolden State Warriors2.1
2007-08Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets2.7
2008-09Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets2.8
2009-10Rajon RondoBoston Celtics2.3
2010-11Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets2.4
2011-12Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers2.5
2012-13Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers2.4
2013-14Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers2.5
2014-15Kawhi LeonardSan Antonio Spurs2.3
2015-16Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors2.1
2016-17Draymond GreenGolden State Warriors2
2017-18Victor OladipoIndiana Pacers2.4
2018-19Paul GeorgeOklahoma City Thunder2.2
2019-20Ben SimmonsPhiladelphia 76ers2.1
2020-21Jimmy ButlerMiami Heat2.1
2021-22Dejounte MurraySan Antonio Spurs2

List of National Basketball Association Seasons Annual Assists Leaders

NBA SeasonsNBA PlayerNBA TeamAssists Per Game
1946-47Steve NashPhoenix Suns11
1947-48Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets11
1948-49Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets11.6
1949-50Steve NashPhoenix Suns11.6
1950-51Steve NashPhoenix Suns10.5
1951-52Steve NashPhoenix Suns11.5
1952-53Jason KiddNew Jersey Nets9.2
1953-54Jason KiddNew Jersey Nets8.9
1954-55Andre MillerCleveland Cavaliers10.9
1955-56Jason KiddPhoenix Suns9.8
1956-57Jason KiddPhoenix Suns10.1
1957-58Jason KiddPhoenix Suns10.8
1958-59Rod StricklandWashington Wizards10.5
1959-60Mark JacksonDenver Nuggets11.4
1960-61John StocktonUtah Jazz11.2
1961-62John StocktonUtah Jazz12.3
1962-63John StocktonUtah Jazz12.6
1963-64John StocktonUtah Jazz12
1964-65John StocktonUtah Jazz13.7
1965-66John StocktonUtah Jazz14.2
1966-67John StocktonUtah Jazz14.5
1967-68John StocktonUtah Jazz13.6
1968-69John StocktonUtah Jazz13.8
1969-70Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers12.2
1970-71Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers12.6
1971-72Isiah ThomasDetroit Pistons13.9
1972-73Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers13.1
1973-74Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers10.5
1974-75Johnny MooreSan Antonio Spurs9.7
1975-76Kevin PorterWashington Bullets9.1
1976-77Micheal Ray RichardsonNew York Knicks10.2
1977-78Kevin PorterDetroit Pistons13.4
1978-79Kevin PorterNew Jersey Nets10.2
1979-80Don BuseIndiana Pacers8.5
1980-81Slick WattsSeattle SuperSonics8.1
1981-82Kevin PorterWashington Bullets8
1982-83Ernie DiGregorioBuffalo Braves8.2
1983-84Nate ArchibaldKansas City-Omaha Kings11.4
1984-85Jerry WestLos Angeles Lakers9.7
1985-86Norm Van LierCincinnati Royals10.2
1986-87Lenny WilkensSeattle SuperSonics9.1
1987-88Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals9.8
1988-89Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals9.7
1989-90Guy RodgersChicago Bulls11.2
1990-91Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals11.1
1991-92Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals11.5
1992-93Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals11
1993-94Guy RodgersSan Francisco Warriors10.4
1994-95Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals11.4
1995-96Oscar RobertsonCincinnati Royals9.7
1996-97Bob CousyBoston Celtics9.5
1997-98Bob CousyBoston Celtics8.6
1998-99Bob CousyBoston Celtics7.1
1999-00Bob CousyBoston Celtics7.5
2000-01Chris PaulPhoenix Suns10.8
2001-02Russell WestbrookWashington Wizards11.7
2002-03LeBron JamesLos Angeles Lakers10.2
2003-04Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder10.7
2004-05Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder10.3
2005-06James HardenHouston Rockets11.2
2006-07Rajon RondoSacramento Kings11.7
2007-08Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers10.2
2008-09Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers10.7
2009-10Rajon RondoBoston Celtics11.1
2010-11Rajon RondoBoston Celtics11.7
2011-12Steve NashPhoenix Suns11.4
2012-13Bob CousyBoston Celtics8.9
2013-14Bob CousyBoston Celtics7.9
2014-15Bob CousyBoston Celtics7.2
2015-16Bob CousyBoston Celtics7.7
2016-17Andy PhillipPhiladelphia Warriors8.2
2017-18Andy PhillipPhiladelphia Warriors6.3
2018-19Andy PhillipChicago Stags5.8
2019-20Bob DaviesRochester Royals5.4
2020-21Ernie CalverleyProvidence Steamrollers2.5
2021-22Ernie CalverleyProvidence Steamrollers3.4

List of National Basketball Association Seasons Annual Blocks Leaders

NBA SeasonsNBA PlayersNBA TeamAssist Per Game
1973-74Elmore SmithLos Angeles Lakers4.9
1974-75Kareem Abdul-JabbarMilwaukee Bucks3.3
1975-76Kareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers4.1
1976-77Bill WaltonPortland Trail Blazers3.3
1977-78George JohnsonNew Jersey Nets3.4
1978-79Kareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers4
1979-80Kareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers3.4
1980-81George JohnsonSan Antonio Spurs3.4
1981-82George JohnsonSan Antonio Spurs3.1
1982-83Tree RollinsAtlanta Hawks4.3
1983-84Mark EatonUtah Jazz4.3
1984-85Mark EatonUtah Jazz5.6
1985-86Manute BolWashington Bullets5
1986-87Mark EatonUtah Jazz4.1
1987-88Mark EatonUtah Jazz3.7
1988-89Manute BolGolden State Warriors4.3
1989-90Hakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets4.6
1990-91Hakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets4
1991-92David RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs4.5
1992-93Hakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets4.2
1993-94Dikembe MutomboDenver Nuggets4.1
1994-95Dikembe MutomboDenver Nuggets3.9
1995-96Dikembe MutomboDenver Nuggets4.5
1996-97Shawn BradleyDallas Mavericks3.4
1997-98Marcus CambyToronto Raptors3.7
1998-99Alonzo MourningMiami Heat3.9
1999-00Alonzo MourningMiami Heat3.7
2000-01Theo RatliffPhiladelphia 76ers3.7
2001-02Ben WallaceDetroit Pistons3.5
2002-03Theo RatliffAtlanta Hawks3.2
2003-04Theo RatliffPortland Trail Blazers3.6
2004-05Andrei KirilenkoUtah Jazz3.3
2005-06Marcus CambyDenver Nuggets3.3
2006-07Marcus CambyDenver Nuggets3.3
2007-08Marcus CambyDenver Nuggets3.6
2008-09Dwight HowardOrlando Magic2.9
2009-10Dwight HowardOrlando Magic2.8
2010-11Andrew BogutMilwaukee Bucks2.6
2011-12Serge IbakaOklahoma City Thunder3.7
2012-13Serge IbakaOklahoma City Thunder3
2013-14Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans2.8
2014-15Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans2.9
2015-16Hassan WhitesideMiami Heat3.7
2016-17Rudy GobertUtah Jazz2.6
2017-18Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans2.6
2018-19Myles TurnerIndiana Pacers2.7
2019-20Hassan WhitesidePortland Trail Blazers2.9
2020-21Myles TurnerIndiana Pacers3.4
2021-22Jaren Jackson Jr.Memphis Grizzlies2.3

What is the best season record in NBA history?

The best season by a team in NBA history is the Golden State Warriors who went the 2015-2016 regular season with 73 wins and 9 losses. Although this was a fantastic feat, the Warriors failed to win the NBA Championship as LeBron James led a comeback for the Cleveland Cavaliers, coming back from being 3-1 down to winning the series 3-4.

Prior to this record by the Golden State Warriors, the 1996 Chicago Bulls went for 72 wins and 10 losses in the regular season, as well as winning a championship ring.

How long is a basketball season?

How long is the basketball season? The NBA basketball season is 82 games long however, this does not include the NBA playoff games. Below is infographic of how the NBA Season progresses.

How many games in a regular season including playoffs?

Every NBA team will play 82 games in the season however, the total number of games depends on a teams journey in the playoffs. The NBA teams that finish 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th in the conference, could potentially play the most NBA Games including the playoffs. This is because the teams that finish in these specific positions have to take part in the NBA Play-in which could potentially consist of two games. If one of the play in teams then goes on to win the NBA Championship but goes the full seven games in every round the maximum number of regular season games including playoffs would be 112 games!

The smallest number of games to win an NBA Championship would be 98 games. This would be a team that avoided the play-in tournament and swept every team on their way the winning the NBA.

What is the best undefeated start in NBA history?

As mentioned previously the Golden State Warriors went through the 2015-16 NBA season with only 9 losses and 73 wins. However, the Golden State Warriors had the best start of any NBA team season winning their first 24 games of the season to give the Golden State Warriors the best undefeated start in NBA history.

List of NBA Teams by Single Season win Percentage

The below table identifies each NBA teams best win percentage by season.

NBA TeamBest Single Season Win PercentageSeason With Best Win Percentage
Atlanta Hawks.7322014-15
Boston Celtics.8171985-86
Brooklyn Nets.6672020-21
Charlotte Hornets.6591996-97
Chicago Bulls.8781995-96
Cleveland Cavaliers.8052008-09
Dallas Mavericks.7322005-06
Denver Nuggets.6952012-13
Detroit Pistons.7802005-06
Golden State Warriors.8902015-16
Houston Rockets.7932017-18
Indiana Pacers.7442003-04
Los Angeles Clippers.6812019-20
Los Angeles Lakers.8171999-00
Memphis Grizzlies.6832021-22
Miami Heat.7441996-97
Milwaukee Bucks.7672019-20
Minnesota Timberwolves.7072003-04
New Orleans Pelicans.6832007-08
New York Knicks.7321969-70 & 1992-93
Oklahoma City Thunder.7681993-94
Orlando Magic.7321995&96
Philadelphia 76ers.7971949-50
Phoenix Suns.7802021-22
Portland Trail Blazers.7681990-91
Sacramento Kings.7501949-50
San Antonio Spurs.7582011-12
Toronto Raptors.7362019-20
Utah Jazz.7801996-97
Washington Wizards.6951968-69

List of Highest Paid Players by Season

The below list shows the highest paid player in the NBA since 1984.

NBA SeasonHighest paid NBA Player by SeasonNBA Contract Value
1985Magic Johnson$2,500,000
1986Magic Johnson$2,500,001
1987Magic Johnson$2,500,002
1988Patrick Ewing$2,750,000
1989Patrick Ewing$3,250,000
1990Patrick Ewing$3,750,000
1991Patrick Ewing$4,250,000
1992Larry Bird$7,070,000
1993David Robinson$5,720,000
1994David Robinson$5,740,000
1995Magic Johnson$14,660,000
1996Patrick Ewing$18,724,000
1997Michael Jordan$30,140,000
1998Michael Jordan$33,140,000
1999Patrick Ewing$18,500,000
2000Shaquille O’Neal$17,142,000
2001Kevin Garnett$19,600,000
2002Kevin Garnett$22,400,000
2003Kevin Garnett$25,200,000
2004Kevin Garnett$28,000,000
2005Shaquille O’Neal$27,696,430
2006Shaquille O’Neal$20,000,000
2007Kevin Garnett$21,000,000
2008Kevin Garnett$23,751,934
2009Kevin Garnett$24,751,934
2010Kobe Bryant$23,034,375
2011Kobe Bryant$24,806,250
2012Kobe Bryant$25,244,493
2013Kobe Bryant$30,453,805
2014Kobe Bryant$30,453,805
2015Kobe Bryant$23,500,000
2016Kobe Bryant$25,000,000
2017LeBron James$30,963,450
2018Steph Curry$34,682,550
2019Steph Curry$37,457,154
2020Steph Curry$40,231,758
2021Steph Curry$43,006,362
2022Steph Curry$45,780,966
2023Steph Curry$48,070,014

List of National Basketball Association Gamer per season

NBA SeasonNumber of NBA Games in a season