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List of EuroLeague Champions

In 1958 Fiba organised the FIBA European Champions Cup and this was then taken over by EuroLeague in 2000 and rebranded as the EuroLeague. The league is made up of 18 teams. EuroLeague has a large basketball attendance and in terms of attendance is only second to the NBA.

The most successful team in EuroLeague is Real Madrid who have won 10 titles. 14 of the EuroLeague clubs have won at least one title. Italy and Spain have produced the most title winning teams in EuroLeague. The most successful EuroLeague Head Coach is Zeljko Obradovic who has won nine titles, which is five more titles then the next successful head coach.

The most successful Final Fours MVP is Toni Kukoc and Vassilis Spanoulis who have won the award three times each. Anthony Parker is the only EuroLeague player who has won the regular season MVP twice.

We have put together, a list of EuroLeague Champions below, the Runners-up, Head Coach, Finals MVP and regular MVP in one table.

Head Coach of EuroLeague ChampionRunner Up of EuroLeagueEuroLeague Final Fours MVPEuroLeague MVP
1958Rigas ASKAlexander GomelskyAcademicN/AN/A
1958-59Rigas ASKAlexander GomelskyAcademicN/AN/A
1959-60Rigas ASKAlexander GomelskyDinamo TbilisiN/AN/A
1960-61CSKA MoscowEvgeny AlekseevR-gas ASKN/AN/A
1961-62Dinamo TbilisiOtar KorkiaReal MadridN/AN/A
1962-63CSKA MoscowEvgeny AlekseevReal MadridN/AN/A
1963-64Real MadridJoaquín HernándezSpartak ZJS BrnoN/AN/A
1964-65Real MadridPedro FerrándizCSKA MoscowN/AN/A
1965-66Simmenthal MilanoCesare RubiniSlavia V- PrahaN/AN/A
1966-67Real MadridPedro FerrándizSimmenthal MilanoN/AN/A
1967-68Real MadridPedro FerrándizSpartak ZJS BrnoN/AN/A
1968-69CSKA MoscowArmenak AlachachianReal MadridN/AN/A
1969-70Ignis VareseAca NikolićCSKA MoscowN/AN/A
1970-71CSKA MoscowAlexander GomelskyIgnis VareseN/AN/A
1971-72Ignis VareseAca NikolićJugoplastikaN/AN/A
1972-73Ignis VareseAca NikolićCSKA MoscowN/AN/A
1973-74Real MadridPedro FerrándizIgnis VareseN/AN/A
1974-75Ignis VareseSandro GambaReal MadridN/AN/A
1975-76Mobilgirgi VareseSandro GambaReal MadridN/AN/A
1976-77Maccabi Elite Tel AvivRalph KleinMobilgirgi VareseN/AN/A
1977-78Real MadridLolo SainzMobilgirgi VareseN/AN/A
1978-79BosnaBogdan TanjevićEmerson VareseN/AN/A
1979-80Real MadridLolo SainzMaccabi Elite Tel AvivN/AN/A
1980-81Maccabi Elite Tel AvivRudy D’AmicoSinudyne BolognaN/AN/A
1981-82Squibb CantValerio BianchiniMaccabi Elite Tel AvivN/AN/A
1982-83Ford CantGiancarlo PrimoBilly MilanoN/AN/A
1983-84Banco di Roma VirtusValerio BianchiniFC BarcelonaN/AN/A
1984-85CibonaMirko NovoselReal MadridN/AN/A
1985-86CibonaŽeljko PavličevićZalgirisN/AN/A
1986-87Tracer MilanoDan PetersonMaccabi Elite Tel AvivN/AN/A
1987-88Tracer MilanoFranco CasaliniMaccabi Elite Tel AvivBob McAdooN/A
1988-89JugoplastikaBožidar MaljkovićMaccabi Elite Tel AvivDino RađjaN/A
1989-90JugoplastikaBožidar MaljkovićFC BarcelonaToni KukočN/A
1990-91Pop 84Željko PavličevićFC BarcelonaToni KukočN/A
1991-92PartizanŽeljko ObradovićMontigal JoventutPredrag DanilovićN/A
1992-93Limoges CSPBožidar MaljkovićBenetton TrevisoToni KukočN/A
1993-947up JoventutŽeljko ObradovićOlympiacosŽarko PaspaljN/A
1994-95Real Madrid TekaŽeljko ObradovićOlympiacosArvydas SabonisN/A
1995-96PanathinaikosBožidar MaljkovićBanca Catalana FC BarcelonaDominique WilkinsN/A
1996-97OlympiacosDušan IvkovićBanca Catalana FC BarcelonaDavid RiversN/A
1997-98Kinder BolognaEttore MessinaAEKZoran SavićN/A
1998-99ZalgirisJonas KazlauskasKinder BolognaTyus EdneyN/A
1999-00PanathinaikosŽeljko ObradovićMaccabi Elite Tel AvivŽeljko RebračaN/A
2000-01Maccabi Elite Tel AvivPini GershonPanathinaikosAriel McDonaldN/A
2000-01Kinder BolognaEttore MessinaTau CermicaManu GinóbiliN/A
2001-02PanathinaikosŽeljko ObradovićKinder BolognaDejan BodirogaN/A
2002-03FC BarcelonaSvetislav PešićBenetton TrevisoDejan BodirogaN/A
2003-04Maccabi Elite Tel AvivPini GershonSkipper BolognaAnthony ParkerN/A
2004-05Maccabi Elite Tel AvivPini GershonTau CermicaŠarūnas JasikevičiusAnthony Parker
2005-06CSKA MoscowEttore MessinaMaccabi Elite Tel AvivTheo PapaloukasAnthony Parker
2006-07PanathinaikosŽeljko ObradovićCSKA MoscowDimitris DiamantidisTheo Papaloukas
2007-08CSKA MoscowEttore MessinaMaccabi Elite Tel AvivTrajan LangdonRamūnas Šiškauskas
2008-09PanathinaikosŽeljko ObradovićCSKA MoscowVassilis SpanoulisJuan Carlos Navarro
2009-10Regal FC BarcelonaXavi PascualOlympiacosJuan Carlos NavarroMiloš Teodosić
2010-11PanathinaikosŽeljko ObradovićMaccabi Electra Tel AvivDimitris DiamantidisDimitris Diamantidis
2011-12OlympiacosDušan IvkovićCSKA MoscowVassilis SpanoulisAndrei Kirilenko
2012-13OlympiacosGeorgios BartzokasReal MadridVassilis SpanoulisVassilis Spanoulis
2013-14Maccabi Electra Tel AvivDavid BlattReal MadridTyrese RiceSergio Rodríguez
2014-15Real MadridPablo LasoOlympiacosAndrés NocioniNemanja Bjelica
2015-16CSKA MoscowDimitrios ItoudisFenerbacheNando de ColoNando de Colo
2016-17FenerbacheŽeljko ObradovićOlympiacosEkpe UdohSergio Llull
2017-18Real MadridPablo LasoFenerbache DohusLuka DončićLuka Dončić
2018-19CSKA MoscowDimitrios ItoudisAnadolu Efes IstanbulWill ClyburnJan Veselý
2019–20No championship awarded (COVID-19)No championship awarded (COVID-19)No championship awarded (COVID-19)No Euroleague MVP Finals awarded (COVID-19)No EuroLeauge MVP (Covid-19)
2020–21Anadolu EfesErgin AtamanFC BarcelonaVasilije MicićVasilije Micić
2021-22Anadolu EfesErgin AtamanReal MadridVasilije MicićNikola Mirotić

Most Euroleague Titles won by a Team

Real Madrid have won the most EuroLeague basketball titles totting up a total of 10 EuroLeague Titles. The EuroLeague titles won by Real Madrid are shown below:

EuroLeague SeasonEuroLeague Winner
1963-64Real Madrid
1964-65Real Madrid
1966-67Real Madrid
1967-68Real Madrid
1973-74Real Madrid
1977-78Real Madrid
1979-80Real Madrid
1994-95Real Madrid
2014-15Real Madrid
2017-18Real Madrid

EuroLeague Player with Most EuroLeague Titles

Dino Meneghin is the EuroLeague Player who has won the most EuroLeague Titles with 7! These were won between 1970-1988. The below table shows the EuroLeague Players with the most EuroLeague Titles.

EuroLeague PlayerEuroLeague Titles WonYears of EuroLeague Titles Won
Dino Meneghin7 Titles1970, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976,1987,1988
Clifford Luyk5 Titles1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1974
Aldo Ossola5 Titles1970, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976
Fragiskos Alvertis5 Titles1996, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009
Fausto Bargna4 Titles1982, 1983,
1987, 1988
Ivan Bisson4 Titles1972, 1973, 1975, 1976
Wayne Brabender4 Titles1968, 1974, 1978, 1980
Cristóbal Rodríguez4 Titles1967, 1968, 1974, 1978
Emiliano Rodríguez4 Titles1964, 1965, 1967, 1968
Edoardo Rusconi4 Titles1970, 1972, 1973, 1975
Lolo Sáinz4 Titles1964, 1965, 1967, 1968
Carlos Sevillano4 Tittles1964, 1965, 1967, 1968
Marino Zanatta4 Titles1972, 1973, 1975, 1976
Sarunas Jasikevicius4 Titles2004, 2004, 2005, 2009
Kyle Hines4 Titles2012, 2013, 2016, 2019

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