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LeBron James Wallpaper – Where to purchase some

Recently, I was going to move house. Within the house we were moving to, was a but perfectly formed room that would become my man cave. I have some sports memorabilia, a Xbox and a lovely electric guitar. This man cave would be my sanctuary from the stresses and strains of daily life (who am I kidding , I’m not stressed). I wanted to make my man cave stand out, sports memorabilia on the wall is cool but I wanted a statement wall. Could I get LeBron James wallpaper?

Can you get LeBron James wallpaper? Yes you can, if you have a high resolution image of LeBron James or any basketball player that you wish to have on your statement wall, ithen you can order bespoke wallpaper to be fitted.

Choosing The Right Image

Ok, if you follow this blog, then you will know that my team is the Indiana Pacers. However, is there anyone more iconic than LeBron James in this modern era, simple answer no. the Pacers are my team and I’ll root for them however, I appreciate all players of the NBA and you have to be an admirer of LeBron he has changed the game. In today’s game there are more cameras taking images of the game then ever, which means it would be better to have a modern player on the statement wall rather than the G.O.A.T. This is due to there being a stronger likelihood that the photos in the modern day would be of a better resolution.

I started looking through Google to find the best image for the custom wallpaper. First thoughts were to get an image of LeBron blocking Iggy in the NBA Finals. Probably one of his most defining moments of LeBrons career and the modern NBA. However, even though there is a huge amount of photos of this moment from different angles, I couldn’t imagine any of them on my wall. They were all just a bit boring. Mainly because the backboard was blocking most of the actual block in the image. Although scrolling through all these images made me realise there was too much colour in the photo. The photo would just overpower the room, there needed to be a managed amount of colour in the photo.

Next I thought about having wallpaper with LeBron and his rings (if you dont know how many rings LeBron, read our article and find out how many diamonds are in those bad boys). The problem is  I feel my wallpaper will get dated very soon. When LeBron went to the Lakers no one thought he was in with a chance of getting another ring with the team he had. However, the Lakers franchise made some shrewd moves and Anthony Davis and LeBron look like the team to beat in the West. I can see them getting a ring easily therefore, I don’t want to have a wallpaper which could become dated.

So I decided to go back to the beginning and go for an image of LeBron using his chalk dust. There a lot of images of LeBron doing the chalk dust. Nike even had a campaign featuring LeBron doing his pre-game ritual. I started looking around, some images had a team name involved and again I don’t want this feature wall to become dated. I finally found a black and white image which I thought would look epic on a wall of a man cave, the LeBron photo was chosen. Check it out below.

Who Makes The LeBron Custom Wallpaper?

Obviously I first searched Google and ended up choosing a website called to produce the LeBron custom wallpaper. I am sure there are a huge number of websites which offer this service however, was the one I went for.

There are a few things that you need to have before even going on this website. Firstly, and most importantly, you need the dimensions of the wall that you would like to fill with your custom LeBron wallpaper.

Now if like me you may not be the most DIY savvy when it comes to wallpaper hanging, you would be forgiven for wanting a margin of error. Thankfully, there is a frequently asked questions and Photowall says you should increase your wall dimensions by 3-6 cms to equate for mishaps. Furthermore, I would strongly recommend (if your DIY skills are poor) that you get a professional to hang the paper or your dad.

Then you want to get the best resolution photo you can find. Now we know the image of LeBron that I want to use for the wall but how do I find the best resolution? It’s recommended that the photo should be one pixel for every millimeter. Therefore, a wall which is 2 meters will need to be 2000 pixels. I Googled the highest resolution of the image of LeBron and downloaded it.

How Much Does Lebron Custom Wallpaper Cost?

Once you have uploaded your photo you will be asked to choose which quality wallpaper you would like. There are two choices one being standard quality and one being premium, obviously, for a feature wall you would want premium. The wallpaper is calculated by the square meter, it is £26 per square meter for standard wall paper and £29 per square meter for the premium paper.

To cover a wall which is 2.5 meter tall and 4 meter wide, the cost would be £288 with free delivery. Yes that is quite a lot but it would be so worth it for the ultimate man cave. So what does mine look like, well unfortunately the house purchase fell through and therefore, the man cave is on the back burner for the moment, but the idea is there and it will happen one day.

LeBron James Wallpaper Desktop

If you were coming here for wallpaper for your desktop, then I do have some advice on this. If at your workplace you only let a little bit of your personality eek out, then a desktop wallpaper is the way to do this. For instance you can choose the LeBron black panther wallpaper which is awesome and works well with a computer desktop as it has a white background which means finding your icons is easier . That sounds immensely geeky but it is really true, it makes your life a hell of a lot easier. By having a wallpaper like this your work colleagues will know that one you like LeBron James and two you like the avengers. Therefore, when it comes round to secret santa, no more dire gifts, but presents in relation to LeBron and the Avengers. It’s a win win.