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Lebron James best plays of his career

Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar LeBron James continues to dominate the competition in year 17. Already the playoffs all-time leading scorer, the legendary Small Forward added to his glowing resume yet again last night, as he surpassed Derek Fisher to register the most playoff wins in NBA history as the Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of their Western Conference Semi-Finals series.

The four-time MVP finished the contest with 36 points, seven rebounds, five assists and four blocks en route to postseason victory number 162. His record-breaking performance was filled monstrous dunks, dazzling dimes and vicious blocks in yet another dominant playoff display. 
As James continues to turn back the hands of time with his rim attacks, spectacular assists and game changing rejections, it makes you wonder what is the best plays consisting of a dunk, assist and block of his Lebron James Career?

What is the best play of LeBron James career? The greatest plays of Lebrons carer is his dunk on Jusuf Nurkic, where he faked the whole arena to assist Ante Zicic and his finals block on Andre Iguodala.

We have broken down the top five dunks, assists and blocks of Lebrons career so you can see what was in contention for the best plays of LeBron James career. This took a lot of time to compile as LeBron is an absolute machine.

Lebron James Best Dunks

5. Lebron Throws It Down On Rasheed Wallace 

In 2007, LeBron James turned down a three-point attempt to drive the lane and throw it down on one of the best big men in the league in Rasheed Wallace during Game 3 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals.

4. Welcome To Your Kodak Moment 

In the 2010 playoffs, LeBron James delivered a Kodak Moment to Chicago Bulls James Johnson as he dunked all over him in front of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench.

3. Lebron Ends Jason Terry

In 2013, one of the greatest poster dunks of all time occurred inside TD Garden in Boston, as LeBron James jumped out of the sky for the alley-oop poster jam on Celtics’ Jason Terry.

2. No Regard For Human Life 

The famous commentary of Kevin Harlan produced “LeBron James with no regard for human life” in the 2008 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, and James threw down a thunderous dunk on Defensive Player of the Year Kevin Garnett.

1. Lebron Makes Jusuf Nurkic A Screensaver 

A seemingly uneventful regular season game between the Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Lakers was sparked into life as LeBron James made Jusuf Nurkic into a “screensaver” with his incredible throwdown.

Lebron James Best Assist

5. Lebron’s No-Look To Mosgov In The Finals 

In the 2015 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, LeBron delivered an astonishing no-look bounce pass to Timofey Mozgov for the slam in front of a raucous Cavaliers’ crowd.

4.  Lebron With Eyes In The Back Of His Head 

LeBron James electrified the Miami Heat crowd in his first season with the franchise, after this behind the head no look dime to Erick Dampier against the New York Knicks.

3. Lebron’s Incredible Twisting Find 

It may have been NBA pre-season, but it’s hard to comprehend how James somehow finds sharpshooter Danny Green with a pass whilst twisting and falling out of bounds on time and on target for the triple.

2. Lebron’s Absurd Baseline Dime 

LeBron James delivers one of the all-time great bounce passes, as we wraps a pass from one side of the floor to another on the baseline, finding Mike Dunleavy who wasn’t even there yet in stride for the three-pointer.

1. Lebron Fakes Out The Entire Arena 

Before LeBron James signed for the Lakers, he gave them a taste of what was to come. The whole arena anticipates James to give the ball to one of the greatest three-point shooters ever in Kyle Korver who is wide open. Instead, James fakes out not only the entire Lakers squad, but everyone in the area including the camera man as he dishes a no-look pass to Ante Zicic who all of a sudden finds himself free in the lane for an uncontested dunk.

Lebron James best Blocks

5. The King Trumps The Prince 

The late great Cleveland Cavaliers’ commentator Fred McLeod proclaimed “What does a King always do to a Prince” as LeBron James consumed Taurean Prince’s shot sending the Atlanta crowd into shock.  

4. Lebron Meets Turner At The Rim

LeBron James and Boston Celtics’ forward Evan Turner had blood during their 2015 Eastern Conference series, but James got the last laugh as he denied Turner’s dunk attempt and told him “You tried”.

3. Lebron Goes Superman In Game 7

In 2018 LeBron James does the unthinkable by playing the entire Game 7 on the road in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. The biggest play of the game sees James sending Terry Rozier’s dunk attempt back, shifting all the momentum and eventually lifting the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. 

2. Lebron Sends Splitter Back 

En route to capturing his second NBA championship, LeBron James rises up and denies San Antonio Spurs Center Tiago Splitter at the summit as Splitter winds up for the huge dunk attempt.

1. The Block

Widely regarded as the greatest play of his career, LeBron James channels his signature chase down block coming out of nowhere to block Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala in transition with an NBA championship on the line. One of the most iconic plays in NBA history, James’ block led to the Cleveland Cavaliers going on to capture their first and only championship.      

In a career that has produced countless highlights, it becomes an extremely difficult task to choose just five dunks, assists and blocks from such a legendary career. Although James may be on the back end of his playing days, there is comfort knowing that “The King” still has plenty left in the tank, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.