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Lakers Roster for the 2021-22 NBA Season – Height, Weight, Salary

The Lakers have a strong roster for the 2021-22 NBA Season. The Lakers have put together a team which has all stars galore. Although there have been comments about the age of the roster, it would be expected that the Lakers would be a dominant force in the West and there could be a deep playoffs run.

Lakers Roster Age

The acquisitions that the Lakers have made in the off-season have led to some criticism about the age of their roster. The average age of the Lakers roster is 29.4 years old, this means that the Lakers have the oldest roster age in the NBA. The average Roster wage in the Pacific Divison is 27.06 years old which means the Lakers roster is 2.34 years old than the average for their division.

The average age of the rosters in the western conference is 25.60 years which means that the Lakers Roster Age is 3.74 years older than the average of the rosters in the Western Conference. The NBA as a whole has an average roster age of 25.40 years, this means that the Lakers Roster is 4 years older than the average roster age of the NBA.

Lakers PlayerAge
Russell Westbrook32
Trevor Ariza36
Wayne Ellington33
Anthony Davis28
Rajon Rondo35
Talen Horton-Tucker20
LeBron James36
Carmelo Anthony37
Kent Bazemore32
DeAndre Jordan33
Malik Monk23
Kendrick Nunn26
Austin Reaves23
Joel Ayayi21
Trevelin Queen24
Cameron Oliver25
Mac McClung22
Chaundee Brown22
Dwight Howard35

Lakers Rosters Birthdays

The Lakers have two players who have the same birthday, these players are Carmelo Anthony and Austin Reaves who have their birthdays on 29 May. February and December are the months with the most birthdays for the Lakers Roster.

Lakers PlayerBirthday
Mac McClung06-Jan
Malik Monk04-Feb
Rajon Rondo22-Feb
Trevelin Queen25-Feb
Joel Ayayi05-Mar
Anthony Davis11-Mar
Carmelo Anthony29-May
Austin Reaves29-May
Trevor Ariza30-Jun
Kent Bazemore01-Jul
Cameron Oliver11-Jul
DeAndre Jordan21-Jul
Kendrick Nunn03-Aug
Russell Westbrook12-Nov
Talen Horton-Tucker25-Nov
Wayne Ellington29-Nov
Chaundee Brown04-Dec
Dwight Howard08-Dec
LeBron James30-Dec

Lakers Roster Images

Russell Westbrook
Anthony Davis
LeBron James
DeAndre Jordan
Austin Reaves
Cameron Oliver
Dwight Howard
Trevor Aniza
Rajon Rondo
Carmelo Anthony
Mallik Monk
Joel Ayayi
Mac McClung
Wayne Ellington
Talen Horton-Tucker
Kent Bazemore
Kendrick Nunn
Trevelin Queen
Chaundee Brown

Lakers Roster by Position

The Lakers have eleven guards on their roster for the 2021-22 NBA Season. There are four players who can play forward for the Lakers and one player who can play center. There are three players who can play more than one position these players are Kent Bazemore, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard.

Lakers PlayerPosition
Russell WestbrookGuard 
Wayne EllingtonGuard 
Rajon RondoGuard 
Talen Horton-TuckerGuard 
Malik MonkGuard 
Kendrick NunnGuard 
Austin ReavesGuard 
Joel AyayiGuard 
Trevelin QueenGuard 
Mac McClungGuard 
Chaundee BrownGuard 
Kent BazemoreGuard-Forward
Anthony DavisForward-Centre
Trevor ArizaForward
LeBron JamesForward
Carmelo AnthonyForward
Cameron OliverForward
Dwight HowardCenter-Forward
DeAndre JordanCenter

Lakers Roster Jersey Numbers

One of the most notable jersey number changes for the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2021-22 NBA Season, is LeBron James changing his jersey number from 23 to 6.

Lakers PlayerJersey Number
Russell Westbrook0
Trevor Ariza1
Wayne Ellington2
Anthony Davis3
Rajon Rondo4
Talen Horton-Tucker5
LeBron James6
Carmelo Anthony7
Kent Bazemore9
DeAndre Jordan10
Malik Monk11
Kendrick Nunn12
Austin Reaves15
Joel Ayayi17
Trevelin Queen20
Cameron Oliver21
Mac McClung37
Chaundee Brown38
Dwight Howard39

Lakers Roster Changes

There has been a lot of changes to the Lakers roster for the 2021-22 NBA Season. The Lakers traded a number of players who had a bright future, Alex Caruso for instance, and brought in experiences such as Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard. It has been noted that the changes to the Laker roster, mean that the Lakers have the oldest roster in the league.

Additions to RosterDepartures to Roster
Russell WestbrookKyle Kuzma
Wayne EllingtonMontrezl Harrell
Kendrick NunnKentavious Caldwell-Pope
Kent BazemoreMarc Gasol
Trevor ArizaAlex Caruso
Malik MonkDennis Schroder
Rajon RondoMarkieff Morris
Carmelo AnthonyAndre Drummond
DeAndre Jordan
Dwight Howard

Lakers Roster Weight

The average weight of the Lakers roster is 219.20lbs, this is 3.75lb heavier than the Pacific Division average of 215.45lb. The Western Conference is the lightest of the two conferences, weighing 215.80lbs which is 3.40lbs lighter than the Lakers Roster. The average weight of an NBA roster is 216.12lbs, this means that the Lakers Roster is 3.08lbs heavier than the average roster in the NBA.

The lightest players on the Lakers Roster are Rajon Rondo and Joel Ayayi who weigh 180lbs. The heaviest players on the Lakers Roster DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard who weigh 265lbs.

Lakers PlayerWeight
Rajon Rondo180 lbs
Joel Ayayi180 lbs
Mac McClung185 lbs
Kendrick Nunn190 lbs
Trevelin Queen190 lbs
Kent Bazemore195 lbs
Austin Reaves197 lbs
Russell Westbrook200 lbs
Malik Monk200 lbs
Wayne Ellington207 lbs
Trevor Ariza215 lbs
Chaundee Brown215 lbs
Cameron Oliver225 lbs
Talen Horton-Tucker234 lbs
Carmelo Anthony238 lbs
LeBron James250 lbs
Anthony Davis253 lbs
DeAndre Jordan265 lbs
Dwight Howard265 lbs

Lakers Roster Height

The smallest player on the Lakers Roster in the 2021-22 NBA Season is Rajon Rondo. The tallest player on the Lakers Roster is DeAndre Jordan standing at 6-11. The average height of the Lakers Roster is 6 Feet and 4 inches.

Lakers PlayersHeight
Rajon Rondo6-1
Kendrick Nunn6-2
Russell Westbrook6-3
Malik Monk6-3
Mac McClung6-3
Wayne Ellington6-4
Talen Horton-Tucker6-4
Kent Bazemore6-4
Austin Reaves6-5
Joel Ayayi6-5
Chaundee Brown6-5
Trevelin Queen6-6
Carmelo Anthony6-7
Trevor Ariza6-8
Cameron Oliver6-8
LeBron James6-9
Anthony Davis6-10
Dwight Howard6-10
DeAndre Jordan6-11

Lakers Roster Contracts

The Los Angeles Lakers have a Salary Cap of $112,414 for the 2021-22 NBA Season. The contracts for the 2021-22 NBA Season equals $165,112,635 which is 46% over the salary cap. This season is the last season that the Lakers will be paying Luol Deng, who will receive $4,990,000 (3% of the salary cap). Luol Deng hasn’t played the Lakers since the 2017-18 season.

Lakers Player Percentage of Salary Cap Used
Russell Westbrook26.78%
LeBron James24.94%
Anthony Davis21.42%
Talen Horton-Tucker5.75%
Kendrick Nunn3.03%
Cameron Oliver1.80%
Carmelo Anthony1.60%
Trevor Ariza1.60%
Wayne Ellington1.60%
Dwight Howard1.60%
DeAndre Jordan1.60%
Rajon Rondo1.60%
Kent Bazemore1.45%
Malik Monk1.08%
Trevelin Queen0.56%
Austin Reaves0.56%

11 of the Sixteen Lakers players are on minimum contracts. Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis take up two thirds of the total salary bill..

Lakers Roster Rookies

The Lakers have five rookies on their roster for the 2021-22 NBA Season. The rookies are Austin Reaves, Joel Ayayi, Trevelin Queen, Mac McClung and Chaundee Brown.

Austin Reaves
Mac McClung
Joel Ayayi
Chaundee Brown
Trevelin Queen

Lakers Roster Coach

The coaching staff of the La Lakers Roster for the 2021-22 NBA season is as follows:

Coaching PositionLakers Coach
Head CoachFrank Vogel
Assistant CoachMike Penberthy
Assistant CoachPhil Handy
Assistant CoachQuinton Crawford
Assistant CoachMiles Simon
TrainerNina Hsieh