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Is Steph Curry An Entrepreneur?

One of the greatest basketball players that the world has ever seen, Steph Curry is transforming the league one step at a time. However, his impact on the world around him isn’t just limited to the basketball court. He’s made a variety of impacts in the business world. This raises the question, is Steph Curry an entrepreneur?

Is Steph Curry An Entrepreneur? Yes, Steph Curry is in fact an entrepreneur. He has created and co-founded a handful of businesses from the ground up. One of them being his own company, SC30, that is set to handle endorsements and other investment opportunities that he and his business partner may want to dive into. Steph knows what it takes to make these opportunities successful and it’s why his net worth has risen over the years.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task though. Curry has put in a lot of time and effort into making these businesses a success. Without that, these companies might be far worse than they are right now.

Unanimous Media

One of Curry’s biggest moves since becoming an entrepreneur is starting up a company called Unanimous Media. This business was created back in 2018 and is a production company that already netted a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment. There were also reports that this group signed a deal with Comcast NBCUniversal. It’s supposed to span multiple years and it’s classified as a “global talent partnership.” Steph was able to make this deal a reality and some sources have been saying that this is a one-of-a-kind offer. Unanimous Media seems to be off to a very strong start under Curry and there is so much more room left to grow. According to the company themselves, their whole focus is to “develop and produce film and television projects with a focus on family, faith and sports themes.” It’s pretty obvious that Curry is heavily involved in the aim and direction of Unanimous Media. In fact, there are a handful of projects either released or in development already. Good Times by Norman Lear, Fifteen Minutes From Home and The Greatest Sports Story Never Told are among the titles. On top of that, there is actually a new series that came out very recently. It is a Snapchat original series that will span over six different parts. The main premise of the show is all about Steph Curry is mentoring and helping young athletes that want to take that next step. What better player to learn from than a four-time NBA Championship winner and one of the best point guards ever? This is definitely one of the premier shows that will come from the company that Steph himself created. The media market is ever changing and seemingly growing at a rapid pace, it was a smart move to jump into his own production company. Steph could be setting himself up beautifully for the future with this decision and I for one am excited to see what content they can put out down the line.

Slyce And CoachUp

Two other notable moves in Steph’s business life have been Slyce and CoachUp. Slyce was a company that Curry himself co-founded. The business is designed to simplify social media platforms for all celebrities and was created back in 2016. That year it was reported that they crossed the $1 million mark in raised money as well. The next company here is CoachUp, a matchmaking program that is based online. It’s supposed to help aspiring athletes link up with private coaches to further improve their overall performance and take the next step in their development. These two companies may not be the most well known in the world right now, but each of them has been incredibly helpful to different groups of people. It’s hard to argue that Steph isn’t an entrepreneur given the companies that he’s found a way to get involved with.

What Exactly Makes Somebody An Entrepreneur?

A few years ago, the term entrepreneur was applied only to people who went out and started their own business. Nowadays, we see the term floated around more often to people who jump into business opportunities at will. At this point in time, if you co-founded or created a company, you are essentially classified to the world as an official entrepreneur. Given the few companies we talked about earlier in this article, Curry definitely checks off the required boxes for the title. What’s even scarier is that Steph is still in the midst of his playing days. His full attention is currently on basketball, not business opportunities. Chances are that when he retires, we will be seeing his name start to pop up on everything. Kind of similar to Shaquille O’Neal, a guy that seems like he has a hand in everything. Steph is now the latest professional basketball player to head into entrepreneurship and he’s only just getting started.


SC30 has been one of the most successful things that Curry has done off the basketball court. He worked alongside his business partner, Bryant Barr, in order to create this company from scratch. SC30 is designed to be his investment and branding company to make it easier for them to dive into any business opportunities that show up down the line. Now, Curry and Barr have made it clear that this company wasn’t created to just generate extra revenue and leave it at that. No, they instead want to focus on companies that they genuinely feel could be impacted by their investment and founding of whatever company they come across. They want to improve and help out in any way that they can, which makes this a little different from some of your average investment companies. Curry’s creation of this company just further solidifies himself as an entrepreneur and it shows how good of one he truly is. After all, he definitely wouldn’t be in the business situation that he’s currently in without being good at it.