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Is Jerry West the Clippers GM?

As everyone knows Jerry West is famous for being a Lakers player but also being part of the Lakers back from staff during the LA Lakers showtime era. However, is Jerry West, the GM of the Los Angeles Clippers?

Is Jerry West the Clippers GM? Long-time Laker, Jerry West, he’s not the GM of the Los Angeles Clippers. He is in actual fact an executive board member of Los Angeles clippers.

Jerry West was fantastic in his job as general manager of the Lakers and has also held various roles for NBA franchises over the years. We take a look at how Jerry West has influenced the Clippers and how long he has been with the Clippers. Read on to find out more.

When did Jerry West join the Clippers?

Jerry West announced in June 2017 that he would become an executive board member of the Los Angeles Clippers. West was quoted saying that:

the allure of working with Clippers owners, Steve Ballmer and Dennis Wong, as well as coach Doc Rivers, is what pulled him back to Los Angeles.

Jerry West Explains his move to the Clippers by BRODERICK TURNER

Jerry West had met with Steve Palmer and had been impressed by their vision as well as their front office. In particular, the executive president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank. Due to this and the great connection he made with the owner, he agreed to become an executive on the board.

This must have been a hard pill for LA Lakers fans to swallow. Seeing one of the true Lakers legends sign for their local rivals.

What is Jerry West’s role with the Clippers?

As we’ve mentioned, Jerry West is an executive board member of the Clippers organization. But what does this mean in terms of Jerry West’s role with the Clippers? That’s an executive board member of the Clippers, Jerry West acts as a consultant. Advising the franchise on the steps they need to take in order to win the ultimate goal of an NBA championship. You have to remember that Jerry rest was one of the few executives who saw the potential of Kobe Bryant and capitalized on this.

Given the huge knowledge and experience that Jerry West has had in the NBA over the years is a great opportunity for the owner of the Clippers. Steve Ballmer tapped into this knowledge as Steve Ballmer has never worked in the NBA before prior to buying the Clippers, having been the CEO of apple for fourteen years. 

One of the key jobs that West has is trying to make the LA Clippers a title contender. He helps the clip his front office try and identify players who will bolster the roster of the Clippers but who are also very good value.

West has had huge success as an executive and this is why he is such an important part of the Clippers. West was the executive of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1979 to the year 2000. That time, his work helped bring five championships to the Lakers in the 1980s. As previously mentioned, west also brought in field Jackson to coach. Who, through West’s leadership, had obtained Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Lay west left the organization in 2000. He had set up the Lakers to achieve the great feet of a free Pete.

Joined the Memphis Grizzlies as an executive. He had great success in bringing in players who would make a difference to the Grizzliessuch as Pau Gasol. He was seen as such a good executive that he won the NBA executive of the year award in 2004.

West credentials were only increased when he became an executive board member of the Golden State warriors. Between 2011 to 2017, he worked on their executive team and picked up another NBA championship when the warriors won a championship in 2015. 

It’s due to these credentials. Steve Boomer made an approach to Jerry West. Jerry West sees his role at the LA clippers as the last of his career and he says that he feels very energized by his role.