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Indiana Pacers Jerseys: A Complete Guide

NBA jerseys have developed over time and since the 1980’s the jerseys have become more iconic in their design. We look at the Indiana Pacers jersey development. From Reggie Miller’s first jersey to his last and we throw in the city, Christmas and normal jerseys for good reference.

We have put together a complete guide of the Indiana Pacers Jerseys from when the Pacers first featured in the American Basketball Association up until the latest City Jersey. Below is a table of contents to help guide you through the content.

Indiana Pacers Team Colours

The Indiana Pacers team colours are based on the Indiana State Flag (left). The team colours of the Indiana Pacers are Navy, Gold and White. This has been the main colours used for the entire time that the Pacers have been in the NBA. In recent years grey has been incorporated into the jerseys.

Timeline of Indiana Pacers Jersey

2019-2020 Indiana Pacers City Jersey

The Indiana Pacers City Jersey which was released for the 2019 -2020 season, is a tribute to indy racing. The jersey is primarily white with a blue and black chequered flag trim on the left hand side of the jersey. The word Pacers overlays the chequered flag and is white with a gold trim.

The main number is encircled which reflects the way that numbers are shown in motorsport.

2019 Indiana Pacers Association and Icon Jersey

The Pacers have a navy and gold swing man jersey for this coming season. The team’s name is displayed across the front and Indiana is included on the front of the jersey. The Association jersey is primarily white with a blue and gold trim. The Icon jersey is primarily blue with a yellow trim.

The alternate swing man jersey is a white jersey with navy and gold striped sides. Both jerseys are stunning and continue a new era of innovation with the Pacers jersey. If you like the jerseys like we do, click the button below which will take you to the NBA Store.

2018-2019 Indiana Pacers City Jersey

The city jerseys have become a regular feature year on year. The pacers jersey below continues to take inspiration from indy stock car racing. However, in 2018/19 not all clubs had a City Jersey, these became known as earned jerseys. The Pacers were one of sixteen teams to get an earned jersey.

We have put together a complete info graphic overview of the Indiana Pacers Jersey range for the 2019-20 season . The info graphic includes Association Jersey, Icon Jersey, Statement Jersey and City Jersey.

2017 Indiana Pacers City Jersey

The City Jerseys have brought a new perspective to the NBA Jerseys. The city jerseys represent the state as a whole and Indiana is a racing state. Therefore, the city jerseys represent speed or stock car racing.

The first city jersey for Indiana had a chequered theme on the yellow to represent the indy stock car racing which is another huge sport in Indiana.

The jersey number is circled like a stock car would be.

The words ‘Always Lead’ was on the bottom of the jersey to represent the basketball clubs community endeavors.

2016 Indiana Pacers Christmas Jersey

Paul George is no longer with the Pacers however, the Christmas jersey used during his time at the Pacers is a unique jersey and one which I would like to have in my collection personally. The jersey is gold with a nice blue trim on top and lettering. The unique Pacers font was put diagonally across the strip.

2015 Indiana Pacers Hickory Jersey

Since 2015 the Indiana Pacers have produced a Hickory Jersey. The first jersey was inspired by the movie Hooisers (also known as Best Shot Overseas). The movie starred Gene Hackman as a coach of an Indiana High School Basketball team. Dennis Hopper co-starred in the movie as the assistant coach. The film is set in Indiana and resonates with Pacers fans therefore, it came as no surprise that Pacers produced a jersey in homage to the film.

Now the homage to the movie Hooisers is very nice and the above jersey matches the jerseys which were worn in the film; however, I am a sucker for the white version of the Hickory jersey, which was released a couple of years later.

If you like the jersey like me then click the below button which will take you to the NBA Store.

2015 Indiana Pacers Hardwood Classics

In a tribute to the 1990-1997 Indiana Pacers released this jersey in 2015. The jersey was released and the NBA held a Harwood Classics Night event and this is the jersey the Indiana Pacers decided to wear.

2005-2014 Indiana Pacers Association and Icon Jersey

The Pacers went for more simple jerseys between 2005-2014. The Icon Jersey for the Pacers during this time had the predominantly blue jersey with a a gold trim and white and gold lettering and numbering.

The home jersey had white as its dominant colour and had a gold trim on the side and a blue and gold v neck. The writing is a dark blue with a gold trim and so is the number.

Iconic Moments

In 2013 and 2014 the Pacers won back to back divisional titles.

2003-2004 Indiana Pacers ABA Throwback Jersey

In the 2003 and 2004 season the Pacers also released a throwback jersey. This jersey was a tribute inspired by the Pacers days in the ABA.

The jersey had blue as the primary colour, with a gold line going down from the shoulder to the opposite hip. The words Indiana were in white and the numbers on each kit were gold with a white trim.

1997-2005 Indiana Pacers Jersey

This was the first Pacers Jersey I owned, most notably this was the Jersey which was seen and broadcast around the world following the Pacers Brawl with Detroit, also known as Malice at the Palace. Although there is negativity around this jersey because of the events that night, there is more significance to this jersey. The jersey was the kit worn by Reggie Miller in his last season as an NBA player. Although Miller’s career didn’t end like a fairy tale with the NBA win, the Jersey was iconic for being the last Jersey which Miller wore.

The 2004-2005 jersey is hard to come by these days, particularly as the jersey is over a decade old. The jersey can be found on Ebay.

Iconic Moments

Whilst the Pacers wore the pinstripe jersey they had their most successful periods in the NBA. The Pacers won four divisional titles in 1995, 1999, 2000 and 2004.

The Indiana Pacers achieved their greatest success in the 1999-2000 NBA season. The Pacers won the Eastern Conference title. The Pacers beat their old rivals the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers came up against the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals, with the formidable duo of Kobe and Shaq. The Pacers lost the finals four games to two.

1990-1997 Indiana Pacers Jersey

The 1990’s introduced geometric shapes to the Indiana Pacers. With blue being the primary colour of the jersey, it is the gold and white triangles on the side of the jersey that make this piece iconic.

In 1994-95 season the Pacers and New York Knicks had a playoff show down. The jersey for that season was geometric number, combining the blue, white and gold of the Pacers. Once again, it would be Reggie Miller who would become the iconic player in this jersey. The Pacers were six points down in the last sixteen minutes of the game and Reggie Miller hit 8 points in 8.9 seconds to win the game. He then provided the iconic choke gesture to Spike Lee who had been trash talking Miller all game.

The alternate jersey of the 1994-1995 was equally as stylish as the primary jersey. I bought one of these Jersey’s about 10 years ago from Ebay. For the price I paid I was happy but it was second hand and the signs of wear and tear and were starting to show. However, the NBA Store stock this Jersey and you know what, I ordered one. Click the buy now button and be taken to the NBA store to buy one too.

1987-1989 Indiana Pacers Jersey

The Pacers used the same basis of design for the 1987-1989. However, the gold of background of the Pacers was made smaller as well as the number being made smaller. The Pacers strongly favoured this style of jersey and in all honesty who could blame them.

1985-1987 Indiana Pacers Jersey

Up until the mid-eighties the Pacers hadn’t really strayed from blue on gold or gold on blue jerseys, with Indiana printed on the front. However, the 1985 Jersey changed the way that the Pacers looked. The new look Pacers had a blue jersey with a middle gold band and the Pacers printed upon the gold. Although the kit was an improvement unfortunately the performances were not, with the Pacers dropping to 26-56 record. However, at least the Pacers played the season in style.

The Jersey is quite rare and to be honest, I would pay a lot of money to own this Jersey. The best place to grab the jersey is by looking on Ebay. The white version of this jersey is equally as special as the blue jersey.

1982-1984 Indiana Pacers Jersey

This jersey is the Home Whites Jersey that the Pacers wore between 1982-1984. If you have never heard of Home Whites Jersey before, check out our article on what jersey to buy In today NBA, Home White Jerseys are known as association jerseys.

The home whites for the Pacers in 1982 included a gold and blue trim. Also the Pacers ‘P’ logo shows a blue hand holding a white ball in a further development of the logo.

1979-1981 Indiana Pacers Jersey

The main change to the Pacers jersey in the 1979-80 season compared with the jersey of the 1976-78 season is the trim of gold and white included on the side of the jersey. Otherwise the jersey was almost identical to the 1976-78 jersey.

Alex English rocks the 1979-1980 jersey in the picture opposite.

1976-1978 Indiana Pacers Jersey

The Pacers joined the NBA in 1976 following a merger of the NBA and ABA. Although the Pacers struggled with performances on the court, compared to their illustrious ABA past, they did manage to keep their jerseys on point.

In the Pacers first two seasons of the NBA the Pacers stuck to the three colours of blue, gold and white but made the blue the primary colour. Simple but distinctly effective jersey.

Pre NBA Indiana Pacers Jersey

People who do not know the history of the NBA maybe surprised to find that the Indiana Pacers were actually part of the American Basketball Association (‘ABA’) and not the NBA. The Pacers played in the ABA from 1967 until they joined the NBA in 1976. The Pacers were very successful team in the ABA and won three championships in the time.

The Pacers wore their distinctive colours, of gold blue and white, during their time in the ABA. George McGinnis in the picture opposite is wearing the main jersey of the Pacers in the ABA. The logo of the Pacers is distinctive at its diagonal angle.

The logo on the shorts of the Indiana Pacers in the ABA developed over the years however, you can see how the current iconic ‘P’ Logo has come to fruition following its initial debut in the ABA.

Iconic Moments

Whilst the Pacers were in the American Basketball Association they won three championships in 1970, 1972 and 1973.

Retired Jerseys

Jersey Number RetiredPlayers Name
30George McGinnis
31Reggie Miller
34Mel Daniels
35Roger Brown
529Bobby Leonard

Where to Buy Indiana Pacers Jerseys

Trying to find out where to buy all these jerseys can be stressful. Therefore, we have put a handy table together as to where to buy Indiana Pacers Jerseys.

Indiana Pacers JerseyWhere to buy the jersey
Pre NBA Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1976-1978 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1979-1981 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1982-1984 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1985-1987 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1987-1989 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1990-1997 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
1997-2005 Indiana Pacers JerseyEbay
2003-2004 Indiana Pacers ABA Throwback
2005-2014 Indiana Pacers Association and Icon Jersey
2015 Indiana Pacers Hardwood ClassicsEbay
2015 Indiana Pacers Hickory
2016 Indiana Pacers Christmas JerseyEbay
2017 Indiana Pacers City JerseyEbay
2018-2019 Indiana Pacers City
2019 Indiana Pacers Association and Icon
2019-2020 Indiana Pacers City