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How to wash a NBA Jersey?

A persons NBA Jersey is very precious to them. Therefore, knowing how to wash a jersey is always important, as you want to ensure that you don’t damage your jersey during the washing process. If you are anything like me then spillages happen on my jerseys regularly and I’m always wondering how do I wash an NBA jersey?

How to wash an NBA jersey? There are two key elements to washing an NBA Jersey, the first element is following the instructions on the label of the jersey and the second element is turning your jersey inside out to prevent damage from the washing machine.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles such as our NBA Jersey size article, numerous manufacturers have made jerseys over the years. Therefore, there’s been different washing instructions for different jerseys. We have put together a guide of how to wash NBA jerseys which we have in our possession. However, I must stress that you always need to read your label of your jersey before washing to ensure that you get the best wash possible. We put the below table together to give an overview of washing instructions.

ManufacturerType of Jersey Material of JerseyHow to washSuggested TempWash Separate to other clohtesBleachUse Fabric SoftnersIronIron HeatTumble DryTumble dry heatDry Clean
AdidasAuthenticPolyesterMachine WashCold WaterYesNon Chlorine BleachN/ANoN/AYesLowNo
AdidasSwingmanNylonMachine WashCold WaterYesNoN/ANoN/ANoN/ANo
Sand-Knit NylonMachine Wash40 degreesseperatley by colourNoNoYesCoolYesLowNo
Early NikeSwingmanNylonMachine Wash40 degreesYesNoNoYesCoolYesLowNo
Mitchell &NessSwingmanPolyesterMachine WashCold WaterYesNoNoNoN/ANoNoNo
ChampionReplicaPolyesterMachine Wash30 degreesYesNoNoYesCoolNoNoNo
Reebok 85% Polyester 15% NylonMachine Wash40 degreesNo, wash with light coloursNoNoYesdon’t iron designYesLowNo
FanaticsFastbreakPolysterMachine Wash40 degreesNo, wash with light coloursNoNoNoN/AYesLowNo

How to wash an Adidas authentic NBA jersey?

This jersey is 100% polyester apart from the stitching. The advice for an Adidas authentic jersey when it comes to washing is to turn the garment inside out. You should machine wash the jersey with cold water and separately from other clothes. Use only non chlorine bleach however, personally, I wouldn’t put bleach any near a jersey. If you need to tumble dry the jersey ensure that it is on a low heat. Do not iron or dry clean the jersey.

How to wash an Adidas Swingman NBA jersey?

I have a Kevin Garnett swingman jersey that I have in my possession. The jersey is 100% made from Nylon. The jersey is to be machine washed in cold water and separately from other colours. Do not use bleach on the jersey and tumble dryer on a low heat do not iron and do not dry clean.

How to wash a Sand-Knit MacGregor NBA jersey?

The jersey is 100% made from Nylon. You should machine wash separately by colour, in luke warm water. It gives as suggested warm water temperature of 100 Fahrenheit. Do not bleach and make sure you tumble dry at low setting. Do not dry clean or iron.

How to wash early a early Nike NBA jersey?

I have a Michael Jordan Washington Bullets Swingman jersey in my collection this jersey is 100% made from Nylon. It is advised that this jersey is washed in warm water with light colours with a suggested temperature of 40 degrees celsius. Do not bleach and do not use fabric softeners on the jersey. Tumble dry the jersey on a low heat and use a cool iron. You cannot dry clean the jersey. Below is a video of me washing the Nike NBA jersey.

How to wash a Mitchell & Ness Swingman jersey

I have a Dennis Rodman 1997 to 1998 Hardwood Classics Mitchell and Ness Jersey. The jersey is made 100% from polyester. The jersey is to be machine wash in cold water separately. Do not bleach. Line dry do not iron and do not dry clean.

How to wash a champion replica NBA jersey?

I have a Kobe Bryant Champion jersey and it’s advised to turn the garment inside out when washing . It is suggested that the jersey is washed at a 30 degree heat and to also iron the garment inside out. This jersey is made 100% from polyester.

How to wash a Reebok NBA Jersey?

I have a Toronto Raptors Reebok jersey which is made up 85% polyester and 15% nylon. It is advised to machine wash warm with light colours. Also it is advised not to use bleach and to tumble dryer on a low heat (remove promptly). It is advised not to iron the design of the jersey. The temperature given as a guide for the jersey is 40 degrees.

How to wash Fanatic’s fastbreak jersey?

I have a Fanatic’s fastbreak jersey of Ben Simmons of Philadelphia 76ers .The washing instructions of this jersey are not printed on a label and are actually printed on the inside of the jersey fabric. The jersey is 100% made out of polyester is advised to watch inside out and wash with cold water and light colours. The advised temperature to wash the jersey at is 30 degrees. Do not bleach and tumble dryer low heat. It is advised not to iron the jersey and do not dry clean.

How to remove stains from an NBA jersey

Getting stains on an NBA jersey is a nightmare and it is important to use the correct process to ensure you get the stain out. Some stains require hot water others require cold water. For example, with a blood stain you need to use cold water and salt to remove the stain.

One of the best products I have ever used to remove stains from NBA jerseys and clothes in general is Dr Beckmann Travel wash. Using a little bit of this travel wash with the right temperature water can remove a majority of stains. The major plus point about Dr Beckmann Travel Wash is that it is really cheap. You can get four bottles for $8(£6) at amazon. Click here to go to the product on Amazon.

As mentioned getting the right water temperature for remove a stain is paramount and therefore, we have listed the temperatures below. I remove all stains by hand. Here is what water temperature I would use on my jerseys. Obviously, use the below advice at your own risk.

Cold WaterHot Water
Blood and use salt to removeFelt Tip Pen
Baby FoodMayonnaise
Soft DrinksVomit
Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)
Cold Water
Tooth Paste