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How to value your NBA Top Shot Account?

If you are like me and have become obsessed with NBA Top Shots since it launched, you may be wondering how to quantify your moments. NBA Top Shots is still really new to the world of collectors therefore, trying to put a value on your collection can be tricky.

How do you value your NBA Top Shots Account? There are three websites that allow you to get a minimum value of your portfolio and they are Evaluate Market, Intangible Market, and Moment Ranks.

We have taken a closer look at the three websites and also show you how you can work out the value of your collection. The one catch is that two of the websites only show you your minimum value. Once you have valued and maybe even sold your moments, then ensure you read our article on how to withdraw your funds from NBA Top Shot.

How much is my NBA top shot worth?

Whether you are looking to find the value of a single Moment or the value of your wider collection the first thing you need to understand is that NBA Top Shot isn’t like a regular store. All moments have a perceived value only. What this means is that the market sets it’s own prices. You can look at how much moments are being listed for, or even how much they have recently sold for. Even this though, will only give you an estimated value. Markets change all the time and in actual fact every individual moment is unique and has a unique value. The bottom line is this – something you want to sell only has the value of what someone else is prepared to pay for it.

What is Evaluate Market – NBA Top Shots

I was introduced to Evaluate Market by a friend. He told me it was his preferred way of valuing his NBA Top Shots portfolio. After spending even just a few minutes on the website, I could see why he liked the system that Evaluate Market has in place. For instance, you can go to Evaluate Market and simply type your username and you are shown all your moments, this is a really slick feature. You will also be shown the lowest, ask (requested sale) price of the moments which allows you to create a rough idea of how much your NBA Top Shot portfolio is worth.

However, only using the lowest ask price, it is very difficult to determine the actual value of your account. As an example I have a Taco Fall moment which has a very low serial number. There are 15,000 Taco Fall moments and the lowest ask for this moment could be for one which has a higher serial number. As you will hopefully be aware serial numbers affect the potential value of the Moment a great deal. Conversly, it could be low serial number and therefore, it may have a potential higher value than the moment you are trying to value. Like any market, value is only derived from the price people are willing to buy and sell goods for. This shows that trying to calculate your value is not an exact science. It’s also important to remember the element of supply and demand when judging the value of your collection. As I write this, NBA Top Shots is in its beta testing phase, I joined in January 2021 and purchased moments for what I would consider relatively cheap. Luckily for me, the demand for NBA Top Shots has gone through the roof and this has meant that there is a small supply because it is beta testing, for huge demand and this has pushed the prices up. Demand can change at any time so it is always important not to play with money that you do not have. It is very easy to get carried away when you evaluate your portfolio on websites but if there is not a person willing to buy your moment for the price that you think it is valued at then you may end up stuck with it.

One aspect that I really enjoy about Evaluate Market is that it shows you how much your moments have increased in value. This is great to know when you have bought the moments on the marketplace. A few days before a surge in the market I purchased a Tyler Herro moment for $30 which seemed like a lot of money at the time however Evaluate Market shows me that the lowest ask is now $140.00 and it conveniently shows me that I am $110 in (potential) profit. This is great functionality to have on a website and gives an indication of how your purchases on the market place are progressing.

What is Intangible Market – NBA Top Shots

Another website used to value your portfolio is Intangible Market. This has a much simpler interface than Evaluate Market as all you have to do is put in your username to see how much your portfolio is valued at.

Intangible Market is basic but also gives you the general rules which are mentioned already in this article when talking abhout Evaluate Market that prices might not be accurate when valuing your portfolio.

What is Moment Ranks – NBA Top Shots

Moment Ranks is another website which gives a valuation of your moments. It has a simple interface and shows your return on investment. However, all the above websites have different ways of valuing moments. As an example, here is the same moment from the two different sites and two different prices.

Moment Ranks
Evaluate Market

Using an Excel spreadsheet for NBA Top Shot Value

Although all these websites are very handy to have if you want to get a rough guide of how much your moment is going for then you can use my technique which is an Excel spreadsheet however, I do use Evaluate Market in order to make this process a lot less painful.

I go on to Evaluate Market and look at all the moments of my collection, in another tab I open up the marketplace on NBA Top Shots. I flick between my moments and the marketplace on NBA Top Shots this just helps me find my moments a lot easier in the marketplace. I then look at where my serial number would be if I decided to sell it and look at 10 listings both higher and lower. Pasting them across to my spreadsheet. You will have some users that will list their moments on marketplace for huge amounts so manually assessing mulitple listings can give you a much better figure for the true value. I tend to discount figures that stand out from the other 10 – taking an average of what I expect to be a realistic valuation. This gives me a rough idea of what my moment is worth particularly as I went for a lot lower serial numbers when I was buying moments in the marketplace. It is more manual to do it this way, but it will give you a really good feel for the market.

Will NBA top shot go up in value?

Like all markets, NBA Top Shot will go both up and down in value. As more moments are added, the overall demand will start to decrease, in turn depressing some value. However as the NBA Top Shot community grows larger and becomes more stable, there will be more money in the market effectively increasing the overall value. The demand for each Moment will always be unique. Be it from a rare collection or a whole collection being sold together to having a low serial number or even a serial number that means something to either the collector or the player featured in the moment. As we have hopefully made clear through this article – value is set only by what someone is willling to pay.

What is NBA Top Shot serial number value

In really simple terms the lower the serial number of an NBA Top Shot the higher it’s perceived value will be. To complicate things collectors have superstitions or favourite numbers. Someone may be collecting a series that he wants all the serial number 1111 for – this may increase the value of Moments with the serial number 1111 in the Marketplace. Similarly NBA players, who feature in the Moments, have numbers attached to them. I’d be willing to bet that when Michael Jordan finally gets his Moment that the number 23 serial number for his moment will hold a very high value indeed.