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How rich is Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the best point guards of the modern generation. He is the ultimate floor general and one of the best passers in basketball history. All of these skills have allowed him to accumulate quite the wealth.

How rich is Chris Paul? Chris Paul has a net worth of around $160 million. It is difficult to know exactly his net worth as this is private information due to his lack of public assets. The majority of his net worth is due to his NBA salary.

In 2021 Chris Paul signed a four year deal with the Phoenix Suns worth $120 million, which works out to $30 million each year. This contract includes $75 million guaranteed and will take Paul into his age 39 season. It means at the moment his salary is around $30 million, but this is not the only way that Chris Paul earns money.

He has a number of endorsement deals which are supposed to earn him around $8 million per year. Paul has a number of different endorsement deals, primarily with Nike. The other endorsements that he has is with Panini, Spalding, State Farm and Walt Disney. He has made regular appearances in adverts which earn him a significant amount.

Chris Paul also has a number of different investments which are known to the public. The most note worthy one of his investments is in Hyperice which is a sports recovery company who produce a range of compression and recovery products for athletes. It is thought that this investment is thought to be valued at around $48 million.

Paul seems to be a pretty savvy investor, looking for companies that mirror his values. Four years ago, Paul saw his career beginning to stall and he looked to his diet for changes. Paul became a vegan which he credits for reinvigorating his career. Due to this he holds two major investments.

The first is in Beyond Meat which make plan-based substitutes and have seen their stock price struggle in the last 12 months. The other is in a company called Bowery Farming who grow lettuce and other produce indoors. Paul is also actually into his cricket, being an investor in the Rajasthan Royals of the Indian Premier League.

One of the things that should help Paul to continue earning after his NBA is the diversity of his investments. As well as the ones mentioned, Paul has investments in an online sports coaching platform, trading card companies, sports merchandisers and amateur athletics. 

One of the investments that we will certainly see Paul spend more time on is his production company Ohh Dip!!!. The company was founded by Chris and his brother C.J.. The company has done a huge range of different works looking at Miami University Football, fighting racial injustice and the hectic 2020 NBA season.

Paul looks likely to become more involved with production when he retires from the NBA and this will certainly increase his earning after his career. When he reaches the end of this contract, Paul will have NBA career earnings of $446 million but he of course will spent some of this money.

One of the major expenditures of Paul is his variety of charitable organisations. CP3 runs two different foundations, the CP3 Foundation and the Chris Paul Family Foundation which endeavours to improve the lives of individuals and families in education, sports and life. The foundation was started in 2005 in honour of his late grandfather.

Paul is also involved with a number of different charities including After-School All-Stars which partners with schools across the USA to provide after-school learning programs for low-income children.

Does Chris Paul have a ring?

The Phoenix Suns ended the 2021-22 season with a disappointing game seven loss to the Mavericks despite being the number one seed from the regular season. The Mavericks dominated the game as Chris Paul and Devin Booker struggled massively in the deciding game.

It means that Chris Paul does not have a ring, having gotten closest in 2021. After a very good regular season that was slightly disrupted by Covid-19, the Suns finished the 2020-21 regular season as the second seed in the western conference. The Suns began their playoffs with an impressive six game series win against the defending champion Lakers.

They put up an incredibly impressive display in the next round, sweeping the Denver Nuggets and MVP Nikola Jokic. Chris Paul and company then faced the Los Angeles Clippers in the conference finals, Paul’s previous team. Some important close wins in games two and four led the Suns to the finals.

This was Paul’s first appearance in the finals despite a storied and impressive NBA career up to that point. Sadly for Paul he was not able to win his first wing as the Suns were defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks in six games despite Phoenix taking a 2-0 lead at home.

It is surprising that this was Paul’s first appearance in the finals when you look at all of the impressive teams he has been a part of. CP3 was of course the key part of the Clippers Lob City team that produced incredible highlights in every game. The Clippers were never able to even reach the conference finals.

In 2017, Paul was traded to the Rockets and in his first season with Houston, Paul finally made it to the conference finals alongside future MVP James Harden. Sadly, they did not advance to the finals and their partnership ended after only two seasons in Houston.

Paul was impressive in his one season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but that team only featured in one playoff series and did not advance despite taking his former team, Houston Rockets, to seven games. All of these missed opportunities mean that Chris Paul still does not have a championship ring despite his incredible career.

CP3 and the Phoenix Suns will hope that with the aid of Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Mikel Bridges they will finally be able to deliver a ring for Chris Paul.