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How Much Money Does Matt Barnes Make a year?

Matt Barnes has been open that his relatively meager NBA salary was spent during his playing days. He has two main sources of income now he is retired. They are a Sacramento based Cannabis Dispensary called Seven Leaves and a podcast he hosts with former NBA player Stephen Jackson. The Showtime backed Video Podcast called “All the Smoke” brings in about 80% of Barnes’ income. Matt Barnes estimated yearly income post-retirement is around $6 million.

What is the All the Smoke Podcast?

All the Smoke is a Showtime backed podcast created and hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Launching in 2019 the collaboration between the former Team mates and media company Showtime quickly gained traction. With Barnes and Jackson prepared to talk about the real world of the NBA, sharing their vast experience and encouraging their host of well known guests to do the same. In a media landscape saturated by “take culture” and curated media messages from active players still protecting “trade secrets” it was a breath of fresh air.

Barnes and Jackson have recently stated that among all their many business ventures, the deal they have with Showtime and Audio distributor iHeart Radio for All the Smoke forms about 80% of their sizable annual incomes.

The Podcast came together pretty randomly with a friend suggesting Barnes and Jackson should hook up with Showtime. It didn’t make alot of money, but once Barnes understood the value of what they had, the money increased significantly. When they negotiated their most recent contract for Season 3 in 2022, Barnes was able to arrange a deal that saw them hold co-existing contracts with both Showtime and iHeart Radio for the digital and audio broadcast rights respectively. In Barnes words, doubling the income value of the show for himself and Jackson.

Series 3, launched in 2022 and featured a top panel of guests including;

  • October 20 – Ice Cube
  • October 27 – Snoop Dogg
  • November 3 – The Game
  • November 10 – Wiz Khalifa
  • November 17 – Common
  • December 1 – Killer Mike
  • December 8 – 2 Chainz
  • December 15 – Jadakiss
  • December 22 – Fat Joe
  • December 29 – RZA

All the Smoke has become a juggernaut of a Video Podcast series, forming the cornerstone of the Showtime Basketball Youtube Channel, which boasts close to 700,000 subscribers.

What is the Showtime Basketball Youtube Channel?

700,000 subscribers on the Showtime Basketball Podcast youtube channel, driven mostly by All the Smoke. It also features basketball personalities like Rachel Nichols, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Nichols, who recently departed ESPN after building a solid reputation for herself around the League, hosts topical basketball news show, What’s Burnin’, while former Celtics legend Garnett presents KG Certified. KG’s former team mate Paul Pierce recently joined and his show Forgotten Seasons dives into the Basketball Archives.

What businesses does Matt Barnes own?

Aside from his involvement with the popular All the Smoke podcast Barnes is involved in several other businesses, none of which bring him anywhere near as much money as the Podcast game.

As well as several tech investments, Barnes is also a sole or part owner in the following businesses.

Hue For Everyman – Men’s Grooming Company with products available in Target.

Vibe Health Bar – Fresh pressed juices with a health angle.

Active Dreamers – Sports Betting Company, that has something to do with duvets and pillows.

Seven Leaves – Sacramento based Cannabis flower dispensary.

Barnes has always been involved with the push to legalize and change the Cannabis distribution business, especially when it comes to sports stars and their ability to use it for medicinal purposes instead of harsh narcotics.

 Former NBA star Al Harrington, was at the Denver Nuggets when the state legalized Cannabis in 2010 and got Jackson involved at that early point. Harrington has now become a gateway for pro-athletes getting involved in the growing Cannabis industry. Barnes used his relationship with Jackson to start his own business, called Seven Leaves.

The Podcast has opened up a lot of gateways, hosting and working with teams on social media and broadcasting projects. Matt Barnes’ estimated $6 million a year income only looks set to grow, as he focuses on investing in sensible projects that he can often use his own brand and platform to enhance. It all started, with the All the Smoke Podcast.

“When you come to Showtime and it’s All the Smoke and the atmosphere we’re building there, it’s how real-life conversations go back and forth,every once in a while there might be a cuss word or stuff that is eye-opening but it’s real, authentic, it’s from the heart and it’s off the cuff. I think people appreciate it because they know those are the kind of people Jack and I have always been.Showtime gave us a chance and we struck gold.”