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How much does a waterboy make in the NBA?

In addition to players and coaches, there are other professions and members of the staff within any NBA team. Such as Mop Boys, Mascots, cheerleaders, waterboys – this is only a partial list. However, NBA waterboys are really interesting.

How much does a waterboy make in the NBA? There is no established salary for waterboys in the NBA, but on average they earn $58,000 annually, according to the numbers supplied by the Boston Celtics. This is a base figure. Individual waterboys might have different salaries depending on their experience and skills.

Waterboys are an integral part of any team and they frequently get a chance to interact with star players. However, this job is tiring as well and in this article, we will explore the peculiarities associated with this job.

What do NBA waterboys do?

You have probably seen a heated match between two games and during the timeouts, players are given water to hydrate themselves. Waterboys have a pivotal role in ensuring athletes are in a shape and given everything they need. It may not be the most attractive job in the world, but the possibility of directly contacting players and helping them is indeed very pleasing. Imagine being in front of Steph Curry, James Harden or Kevin Durant, who are willing to share something with you from their experience.

How are NBA Waterboys employed?

This procedure happens differently in various teams. While some organizations might have a specific set of rules to employ a waterboy, the other may offer a completely different approach. Generally, if a person wants to become a waterboy he should contact the team and fill out a form. You will be required to undergo several procedures. Some teams might ask you for a diploma or relevant certificates. Because you are dealing with athletes and even a small mistake could cause problems, organizations pay a lot of attention to selecting a proper candidate for the job.

Sometimes only sending applications is not enough. Asking your friends, relatives and close associates could be helpful. They could be connected with the team in any possible way so this could come as aid.

Is there a fixed NBA Waterboy salary?

Normally, an experienced waterboy is going to make more than $50,000 a year but considering the person’s qualifications, the rate could be higher or lower. This amount is nothing considered o the players’ salary who on average make $7 million annually. Some waterboys may earn $100,000. Like any job expertise and knowledge of what you are doing is essential. Generally, after finding the statistics from the Boston Celtics about the salary of a waterboy, a lot of people contemplated becoming a waterboy.

Sometimes waterboys are also compared with mascots of the team, but compared to the former, they make way less money – approximately $29,000. If the mascot is experienced and has been in the team for a long time then there could be an opportunity for increased salary.

Do waterboys travel with the team?

Yes, generally waterboys travel with the team on away matches and are not limited only to one task. Waterboys can be seen during timeouts alongside team members. They regularly travel with the team and attend exercises frequently. The job is tiring because the majority of working you should stand on your feet, which drains a lot of energy. Waterboys are required to assist players during training and rehab, so the job is pretty overwhelming.

What perks do waterboys get?

Some waterboys once dreamt of becoming basketball players themselves and getting a chance to interact with players like LeBron James is a fantastic opportunity. Also, waterboys can watch games for free – there is no additional cost for them to attend matches. In some cases, teams offer experienced waterboys health insurance. The advantages are pretty obvious, but as we have already mentioned, considering the efforts they contribute to the team, these perks are justified. Some waterboys might also get the possibility to have their studies financed.

Are there specific skills for NBA Waterboys?

As in any other job, of course, waterboys should also possess a particular set of skills, if they want to be employed. Firstly, they should be mentally prepared for the job they are going to undertake. Waterboys should know what they are doing and if they need to be told frequently what to do, then there is no point taking up this job.

Physical endurance is important. Like we have already said, standing on your feet for hours could be tiresome and at the same time, you should be mentally ready to undertake new challenges. Periodically you will be bombed with tasks from the team and accomplishing these tasks are necessary.

Also, the majority of the teams are looking forward to younger candidates, so age could be a determining factor. If you are older, the team may not consider your selection and focus on the younger ones as they have the ability to undertake difficult tasks more energetically.


Is being a NBA waterboy a good career? 

Depending on your preferences and aims being a waterboy could be equally good and bad. If you are determined to put a lot of effort into work and not to get tired quickly then you should probably try being a waterboy. The salary is really attractive – $58,000 per year is not a modest amount, adding that you get other benefits including health insurance and the possibility of communicating with your favourite players directly. If you progress rapidly, there are chances to quickly establish yourself in the team.