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How Much Did Mark Cuban Pay for the Dallas Mavericks?

The NBA, like other professional sports leagues, each organization is governed by certain people. Some of these professional sports team owners are incredibly invested and outspoken, while others prefer to just rake in the benefits and sit behind the scenes. In the case of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban is definitely one of the most outward personalities that we have in the NBA. However, many probably don’t even know how he was able to become the owner of the Mavs in the first place.

How Much Did Mark Cuban Pay for the Dallas Mavericks? Mark Cuban decided to buy the Mavericks all the way back in the year 2000. The economy was a lot different back then, which is why he was able to purchase the franchise for just $280 million. Cuban has now skyrocketed up to billionaire status since that moment and couldn’t be happier with his decision.

You don’t get the full story when just looking at the final number though. Sometimes a comparison to today’s time would provide a clearer picture to how cheap he was able to purchase this team for. It could also be interesting to provide some background as to why he even wanted the team at all.

Why Did Cuban Buy the Mavericks?

Cuban appeared in a number of interviews the last couple of years and during one of them, he was asked why he decided to buy the team back in 2000. Cuban answered honestly and admitted that he never even thought about investment opportunities or things like that. The only reason he really wanted to follow through on buying the team was because he just loved the sport of basketball.

He said that he has always been a huge Mavericks fan and that when he was able to be in the position to get involved, he immediately jumped at the opportunity and couldn’t be happier now. Mark also didn’t have any problem contributing extra money in order to help this team go over the top and win games. He said, “This is a business, but it is a business that I am willing to commit as much money as it takes. Whatever energy, funding, to make this team successful.” It’s clear that he is one of the better owners that we have in the league today.

How Much Are the Dallas Mavericks Worth?

Considering that Cuban only spent $280 million for this franchise makes the answer to this question really surprising. According to Forbes, the Dallas Mavericks as a franchise are currently worth over $2.4 billion dollars. 

According to their breakdown, they make $868 million from their city and market. They earn an additional $112 million from their stadium, such as when fans decide to buy tickets or purchase concessions when attending one of their games. Then another $302 million is attributed to their brand like merchandise and things like that. The final and largest piece of that total is the $1.4 billion that they receive from the league itself. This revenue is apparently shared amongst all the teams and it’s basically a thank you from the NBA itself for being there.

What Teams Are Worth the Most Right Now?

If you thought the Mavericks were worth a ridiculous amount, just wait until you hear some of the other top-notch teams in the league. Sticking with Forbes numbers, the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors are all over $5 billion dollars at the moment. This is a very dramatic leap from the league average that is $2.4 billion, ironically the exact same as what the Mavericks are worth this season. 

Other notable teams are the Boston Celtics at $3.18 billion, good enough for the fifth highest in the league. Then the Chicago Bulls, at sixth with $3.14 billion. Flipping over to the lowest worth teams we have the New Orleans Pelicans at the bottom of the barrel. Zion Wiliamson is likely to help that number rise as his career progresses but for now they stay dead last at $1.35 billion. The Memphis Grizzlies are right in front of them at $1.36 billion but could be interchangeable at this point.

How Much Success Has Cuban Had with the Mavericks Since Purchasing?

It’s safe to say that Mark Cuban not only helped make this a winning organization, but helped them stay that way. He has been the owner of the team for 21 years now, and during that time he has had 17 winning seasons in total. There are other franchises in the league right now that are wishing they had a similar amount of success. Adding onto that, the Mavericks had one season at .500 on the year, then just two losing seasons since Cuban took over. He has made sure to always look after his team and risk spending extra money in order to guarantee the franchise has a chance of succeeding in the upcoming season. It has helped players feel comfortable and safe, which is apparently paying dividends for them in the long run. 

He isn’t just making good regular season runs either, Cuban helped the Mavericks win a championship in 2011 behind Dirk Nowitzki. It was a huge moment for them as they took down the Big Three on the Miami Heat in order to do so. It was a championship that nobody saw coming, but Cuban helped get them there even if he wasn’t actually on the court playing alongside them. Dallas has always had that star player on the roster since Cuban became owner, which definitely helps out quite a bit. 

After Nowitzki it was rough for a bit, but nowadays they have Luka Doncic to rake in even more revenue and continue onwards with their success. It doesn’t appear that Cuban is looking to exit his position anytime in the near future. Hopefully we get to see him help his team to another championship and make the entire Dallas area proud to be a fan once again.