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How many championships has Steph Curry won?

Stephen Curry is one of the most prominent players of all time because of his style, achievements and deadly shooting. No wonder, he managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers and still continues to shatter plenty of records as he pushes to add more silverware to his already “hall of fame ready” collection.

How many championships has Steph Curry won? To date, Stephen Curry has won 3 championships – all of them with the Golden State Warriors in 2015, 2017 and 2018. He also lost 2 Finals in 2016 and 2019 against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors respectively.

This bright, charming athlete is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He gives 100% for the benefit of his team, and makes those around him better, simply by lacing his kicks up on game day. Being an extraordinary personality he often appears on the front pages of non-sporting magazines and websites. This is because, along with his remarkable sports potential, this outstanding person arouses the interest of the public as a charismatic and relatable person.

Curry’s first NBA Championship – Defeating the Cavaliers in 2015

The life of the stars of show business and the world of sports always attracts the attention of a wide audience, and the biography of Stephen Curry was no exception. When he first came to the league, the initial years were not as successful as many would have imagined. When the front office at the Warriors let Monta Ellis go, this turned out to be an excellent decision. Steph quickly managed to establish himself, proving to be one of the best shooters in the league and made some of the hardest shots. Given Curry’s struggles with an ankle injury and his small frame, it was touch and go as to which player they would ultimately bet on.

The emergence of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and of course the arrival of coach Steve Kerr changed everything. After a strong showing in the 2014-15 season under coach Mark Jackson, the arrival of Kerr proved to be the catalyst as the Warriors became one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. Charging to a surprise finals appearance against the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron James now back home from Miami. Lebron had promised a title to the city of Cleveland, it looked for every bit like that’s what he would deliver. Flanked by point guard Kyrie Irving and sharp shooting big man Kevin Love, the Cavs looked a force to be reckoned with. An injury sustained when Love tangled with Kelly Olynyk in the Eastern Finals against the Celtics sidelined him for the season. The Cavs looked to have corrected course and were about to take Game 1 of the Finals before Kyrie went down with a broken Knee cap. Exiting the game, the Cavs would slump to an agonizing OT defeat. Neither Kyrie nor Love would play again in the Finals.

Despite Lebron putting the entire city of Cleveland on his back and winning the next 2 games. The Warriors would re-invent themselves as a small ball unit and win the series 4-2. A rivalry was born. This was the first championship in the career of Steph Curry – truly deserved as he beat the league’s best player at his peak. This was a turning point for the whole Golden State Warriors and Curry as well because they became a new force in the league, the Death Line Up would go on to terrorize the NBA. Plaudits went to the change in tactics by Kerr. Inserting Andre Iguodala into the starting/closing line-up meaning Barnes moved up to the 4 spot, spreading the Cavs out on defense and they could not counter. Iguodala would win Finals MVP.

Currys second Championship – Defeating the Cavs in 2017

All 3 of Steph’s Warriors titles would come against Lebron’s Lakers. Following victory in 2015 they would suffer a major defeat in the 2016 Finals. After setting a regular-season wins record, eclipsing the 1996 Bulls 72 wins, with 73, they would go on to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals, as Lebron and the Cavs stormed back to claim the title that injury had robbed them of the year before. The ejection from game 4 of Draymond Green and following suspension for game 5 served as the turning point in the series.

The Warriors added Kevin Duran from the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason following the 2016 defeat. Durrant slid smoothly into Harrison Barnes’ vacated role in the starting line up. Without being disrespectful to Barnes, this was like trading your 2004 Hyundi for a brand new Lamborghini. (come on, it’s Kevin freakin’ Durrant!).

During the 2016-17 season, they seemed invincible. With Klay Thompson, Curry, Durant, Green and Iguodala in the team, they had a so-called “Death Lineup” which was impossible to be dealt with. Learning their lesson from the previous year, they didn’t chase the wins record, being sure to rest players when needed. Being healthy and free of suspension come the big games was the best way to ensure a title. Yet, in the Western Conference semifinals, they struggled against the San Antonio Spurs in the first game, down 20pts in the 3rd quarter on their home floor and looking like Kawhi owned them on both ends of the floor, it seemed the Warriors might fall short yet again. Then came a play that would alter the entire future of the NBA, Zaza Petulia slid under  Kawhi on a routine corner jump shot. Injuring his leg and forcing him out of the game and the series.  Leonard would barely play again for the Spurs, who had looked every inch the future champions. The Warriors roared back behind Curry and Durrant, taking the game and going on to finish off the Spurs 4-0. This setup Warriors Cavs III. The Cavs were at full force, with Kevin Love, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving fit, but they managed to win only 1 game and eventually lost the Finals 4-1. Curry won his second championship, with Durrant claiming Finals MVP after a world shattering performance on both ends of the floor.

Third Championship – Defeating the Cavaliers (again) in 2018

The third championship which Curry won alongside the same lineup took place in 2018. They once again faced Lenbron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the Western Conference semifinals, they were trailing 3:2 against the Houston Rockets. However, the latter failed to take advantage and eventually lost the series, with Point Guard Chris Paul being absent in the final 2 games because of the injury.

In the Finals, Curry played a key role. In the first game, they barely defeated the Cavaliers, as LeBron had one of the greatest individual performances of all time. Kyrie Irving had departed the Cavs for Boston and Lebron found himself surrounded by a significantly weaker squad. This may have been Lebron’s greatest ever game. If you don’t know how it ended ou should look it up, this blog is about Steph Curry.

In the subsequent games, the Warriors led by Curry and Durrant  took the upper hand and defeated the Cavs easily. Curry had won his 3rd NBA title in 4 years. Kevin Durrant would lift the Finals MVP trophy for the second year in a row.

Warriors Failed 3-Peat in 2019

Everyone was sure that in 2019, the Warriors would have got their 3rd championship in a row, but the injuries of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in the Finals against the Toronto Raptors made the task more difficult. They lost the series 4-2 Steph and Draymond played hard and led the rest of the squad well, but the absence of the 2 way play of both KD and Klay Thompson was too much for them to overcome. Kawhi, who had forced a trade away from the Spurs after his injury in the 2017 Playoffs came back to get his revenge putting in an all world performance to haul an underrated Toronto Raptors team to victory. The Warriors’ usual adversary in the Finals, the Cavaliers, didn’t make it as Lebron had moved to the Lakers and become injured, failing to even make the Playoffs. Kawhi Leonard would win Finals MVP.

Curry’s Legacy

Since his emergence as a Superstar in 2015 Steph Curry has been one of the most loved and respected players in the NBA. He has set NBA records including making the most career 3 pointers of all time. Durrant would leave the Warriors after the 2018 Finals. Klay would not return to action until midway through the 2021-22 season. Curry himself suffered injuries and the Warriors have remained a sleeping giant. Curry, 3 time NBA Champion, 5 time finalist and all round global icon – has yet to win a Finals MVP. Will this ultimately affect his standing in league history when all is said and done? I, for one, don’t think so. He is the epitome of selflessness. He sacrifices his body on defense and passes out of double teams whenever he needs to. He was happy to allow another Superstar to come and join the team to ensure they could win at the highest level. Steph Curry is the type of human we should all aspire to be. He’s also pretty good at golf.