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How Many Businesses Does Shaq Own?

Shaquille O’Neal is widely considered to be one of the most dominant players of all time in the NBA. The Lakers legend, managed to win 4 championships alongside many personal accolades and he is equally successful outside the basketball court as well.

How many businesses does Shaq own? According to the information, which Shaq also stated himself, the former center owns 50 different brands. Shaq’s business empire includes restaurants, shopping centers, a movie theater and car washes as well as multiple nightclubs. 

Shaq proved to be a successful businessman and effectively managed to take care of his franchises. We will have a deeper look at Shaq’s business activities and what he primarily does. 

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Shaq is Careful

Shaq chooses sponsors very carefully. He said in many interviews that he will never advertise a company whose products he is not ready to use himself. “If I don’t like something, people will notice it anyway,” explains O’Neal. For this reason, Shaq turned down his contract with Starbucks – in a meeting with CEO Howard Schultz, he said that “black people don’t drink coffee.”

Despite his large incomes, O’Neal is oriented towards the middle class. He has a line of jewelry and business suits, of course, but more often than not, O’Neal advertises products that are available to everyone. 

Shaq is a Great Manager

After finishing his career as a professional athlete, Shaquille O’Neal created a business empire, earning money from original projects. The Shaq Summit, an annual meeting of representatives from various companies that make up O’Neal’s holding.

But it was not at all easy for the former center to find time for this. He was supposed to star in an advertisement for headphones, tomorrow – to praise a miracle cure, the day after tomorrow – to participate in the presentation of costumes, jewelry and sneakers of his own brand. And all this should not hinder a career as a TV analyst at TNT in the NBA Insider program, which is his main place of work since the end of his playing career in 2011.

Shaq mastered the art of capitalizing on his enormous size and flamboyant personality in his early years in the NBA. The flip side of the medal was criticism for allegedly incomplete return on the site, but outside of it Shaq took his full course. Now more and more players are taking the path of creating and developing their own brands. And the example of his activities, which hit the cover of the business magazine Bloomberg Businessweek, serves as a kind of guidebook for them, which was not there before.

Shaq wants to be personally involved in everything. The formula for the success of a product from him is quite simple and is voiced by him: “Make people laugh and they will remember you.”

The 15-time NBA All-Star participant recalls that as a child he planned to become a big businessman. His father gave him a book about the problems athletes face when managing their assets.

During the 2013/14 NBA regular season, O’Neal appeared on television 212 times. This plays a huge role in the growth of popularity and development of the player’s brands.

An important element of the marketing policy of Shaq’s firms is the emphasis on its sheer size. However, the publishing house, which is part of the holding of the former NBA star, went the other way. 

O’Neal’s main task is to maintain his own popularity, which is a big problem for retired athletes, as they cease to be the center of public attention. A significant part of the target audience of Shaq’s business projects are teenagers and children, and many of them now no longer know what a great player he was. There is always room for progress in the art of being Shaq.

Shaq Constantly Motivates His Children

In October, 2021 Shaq spoke at the conference and answered the question of how he motivates his children to work hard. Basically, we can note that he teaches his young children to earn money by themselves, and while his father is a rich person does not mean that it means everything. The 4-time NBA champion has six children.

O’Neal has earned over $ 292 million in his NBA career. He also runs his own business, doing projects in various fields.

Shaq is a Face of Papa John’s

In 2019 Shaq joined the company as a board member and investor. Within three years, it was announced that O’Neal would receive $8.5 million. The basketball player granted the company the right and license to use his name, pseudonym, voice and photographs for promotion in any advertising campaigns in exchange for an amount of $8.5 million (he wished to receive half of it in cash). Shaquille O’Neal also joined the company as a board member and investor, investing $840,000 in nine restaurants across the state of Atlanta. 

After the news about Papa John’s partnership with the basketball player was released, the shares of the network increased by 5%. Shaq also owns Big Chicken fast food in Las Vegas, several cafeterias of the Krispy Kreme franchise in Atlanta and his own restaurant Shaquille. In addition, he advertised brands such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pepsi and Oreo. 

Shaq is an Example For Others

Few people had imagined that Shaq would have achieved such things after his career, but in addition to being a great player, he is an excellent example of how to invest money properly. Shaq constantly expands his reach and he is deservedly one of the most successful athletes in the history of the NBA – both inside and outside of the court.

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