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How Many Businesses Does Michael Jordan Own?

Michael Jordan is definitely the greatest basketball player of all time. The impact he made on the NBA has not diminished throughout the past years. In addition to being a phenomenal basketball player, Jordan is an established businessman.

How many businesses does Michael Jordan own? The exact amount of Jordan’s businesses is not available. Having an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion, Jordan is an owner of the Charlotte Hornets and in addition, has partnership deals with various companies and brands.

We take an in depth look at what businesses Michael Jordan owns and how he became a billionaire. 

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Michael Jordan Had a Brilliant 2021

In 2021, Michael Jordan had a successful summer.  6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan is a billionaire. The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic of course made difference, however now Jordan’s affairs are gradually improving. The next year is definitely worth the wait for the capital growth of the legend Chicago Bulls

Jordan Made Money From Lionel Messi’s Transfer

Jordan has a variety of sources of income, including those related to other sports. The transfer of Argentine striker Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain can be safely called one of the main sporting events of summer 2021. The transfer brought the Parisian club not only millions of new fans around the world but also a round sum of money. The Parisians are planning to earn hundreds of millions of dollars by selling T-shirts with the Argentinian surname alone. But the famous Michael Jordan will not stand aside – the legendary basketball player receives a percentage of each sale.

The PSG jersey is produced by Nike, but it bears the logo of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan brand. Michael Jordan first appeared on the Parisian team uniform back in 2018. At first, the emblem was placed only on the away and third kits of the form, and since this season it has appeared on the home. According to the French press, Jordan personally receives 5% of the sale of every PSG shirt issued under his brand name.

As of August 28, the legendary Jordan, who is entitled to 5% of the sale of Messi’s shirts, has already received $7.5 million. The amount is unofficial and may not be the most accurate, but the fact remains that Jordan receives millions on Messi’s transfer. And it will continue to do so. 

Jordan’s Earnings Will Grow

Michael Jordan made $4 million or less in 13 of his 15 NBA seasons. In the last two years alone, at the Chicago Bulls, he received more than $30 million. The amount that Jordan personally and his brand will earn from Messi’s transfer will only grow. According to rumors, by the end of the 2021/2022 season, PSG plans to sell 2.5 million T-shirts with the name of Messi. 

The cost of one jersey from the official manufacturer is $188, so tens of millions of dollars should be credited to the accounts of Jordan only through Messi’s transfer. Michael remains the richest retired athlete in the world. Despite the fact that compared to last year, his fortune, as mentioned above, decreased by about a quarter.

Jordan Invests in Nike

According to Forbes, Jordan earned most of this amount thanks to investments and a deal with Nike. In total, he received $1.8 billion from partners (before taxes), and over his entire playing career – a modest $93 million. 

Now Jordan, among other things, is the owner of a controlling stake in the Charlotte Hornets. In 2010, he paid $175 million for it, and this investment turned out to be incredibly profitable – the team is currently valued at about $1.5 billion.

Investing in Startups

Michael Jordan is known to invest in tech startups such as the Silicon Valley Gigster project. This company acts as an intermediary between managers, designers, freelance software developers and firms. Jordan also owns shares in the Miami Marlins baseball club. The income is generated by the AMA Pro Road Racing motorcycle team, the Nissan Auto Show in Durham, and the Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse restaurant chain. 

Jordan Brand

The athlete’s main source of income is a stake in Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike. This firm was named after him and holds a leading position in the US basketball shoe market – 65%, while Nike has 23%. The company has an average annual profit of $3 billion, with Jordan accounting for about $100 million. It was this kind of annual income that allowed Michael to become a billionaire. 

Jordan Loves Luxurious Life

At the same time, Michael knows a lot about a luxurious life. He was recently spotted with his family and friends in Split, Croatia. The owner of the Hornets is vacationing on a yacht that costs nearly $1.2 million a week to rent. Then a whole crowd of people gathered in the port, wanting at least one eye to look at the legendary player. 

Jordan recently visited Dubrovnik. Michael showed an atypical behaviour for a star. Jordan walked around the city, not hiding from the public, who had the opportunity to photograph him and then went to a popular restaurant, where he also took pictures with the staff of the institution.

Michael Pays a Lot of Attention to Charity

Michael Jordan does not forget about charity. He recently won several lawsuits against companies using his name without permission. The athlete donated the money received to various funds to help those in need. For example, in 2018, Jordan donated $2 million to victims of the Florida hurricane. After 12 months, the billionaire promised to transfer $7 million to two major medical centres.

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