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How Many Businesses Does Master P Own?

According to public information, Master P reportedly has 45 companies and 31 properties. His companies are mainly musical-oriented ones. He is the owner of No Limit Records and gradually expands his business ventures. 

Master P was also involved in basketball but did not establish himself in the NBA. Let’s have a look at the most notable businesses the rapper has. 

Briefly About Master P

While studying at the University of Houston, he received a good scholarship and entered the university basketball team. At the same time, Percy Miller inherited money from his grandfather – 10 thousand dollars, which he spent on the purchase of a music store specializing in rap recordings. At the age of 20, the successful merchant decided to open his own recording studio No Limit Records in order to release his works and the work of young talented musicians.

In 1991, on No Limit Records, Master P released his debut album, The Ghetto Is Tryin To Kill Me, which showed that the nascent southern style had a lot in common with the trendy western gangsta rap. The 1990s brought the albums Ice Cream Man and Ghetto D, which sold huge numbers and took the top positions in the US charts even without radio support. No Limit Records gave birth to Mia X, KANE AND ABEL, Fiend, SONS OF FUNK and Mystikal. 

In 1995, together with his brothers Master P released his first album. Following this he recorded several successful singles.

Since 1997, Master P has gone headlong into the cinema, filming films about life in the ghetto at his own expense. In the same year, his first picture appeared, which was able to take 9th place (with 56.5 million dollars) in the list of Forbes magazine at the end of the year. In subsequent years, having received distribution support from filmmakers, the newly-minted director and film producer released a whole series of high-grossing films.

In 1998 Master P, in addition to all his musical and film talents, became a professional NBA player, joining the main team of the Charlotte Hornets club. However he did not manage to achieve success.


Moneyatti is a luxury brand that mainly specializes in selling sneakers, clothes and different accessories. It was established in 2018 and Master P managed to reach 1 million customers in a short amount of time. At the same time the brand is really popular in the United States

Moneyatti stands for “Motivating Oneself Now Encourages You Actively To Think Independently.”

No Limit Records

When Master P established No Limit Records in 1991, little did he realize that an independent label would gather such prominence among people. It became one of the most successful black-owned labels of all time. The label managed to sell 80 million albums and Master P earned approximately $350 million through sales. 

No Limit Sports Management

We have mentioned above that at some point Master P contemplated following a career in the NBA. He played for the Toronto Raptors and the Charlotte Hornets in a pre-season games and there is rare footage of him playing with the team. However NBA teams did not sign the player, but the brand managed to gain popularity.

P.M. Properties

In addition to an independent label, Master P is a real estate mogul. He managed to purchase and sell various properties and with the help of his property management company, Master P housed thousands of tenants.

Big Poppa Burgers

Another industry that Master P managed to accomplish tremendous success in is the food industry. In 2018, he opened a franchise industry called Big Poppa Burgers. Reportedly, it is a grandfather of Master P who is responsible for secret recipes and sauce. The restaurant is primarily aimed at selling burgers, chicken, and fries. Throughout its existence, the company managed to get decent ratings from customers.

Uncle P’s

There is a famous brand called Uncle Ben’s. Basically on the cover, there are black characters, but the brand itself is not owned by black people. Master P created his own direction which is Uncle P’s. He sells seasoned white rice and brown rice, as well as red beans and rice. 

Rap Noodles

Rap Noodles as the name itself suggests is ordinary noodles, but on covers, you will see famous rappers. Master P created Rap Noodles in partnership with Rap Snacks. It is currently available in different stores for sale and customers can also purchase some of them on eBay.

No Limit Clothing

After the success of No Limit Records, Master P launched another business which is called No Limit Clothing. At first, the No Limit logo was featured on a shirt but later, shirts featured album cover artworks. The brand quickly became available in different outlets and a lot of people started purchasing them.

Master P is a Successful Personality

The New Orleans native, Master P is the most successful independent rapper of all time. His current business empire stretches from gas stations and energy drinks to energy and internet companies and he still makes music today. This person never stopped making huge money, even after the closure of No Limit. Today, the value of the Master’s assets is still estimated at several hundred million dollars. He is a true general of independent sales.