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How Does Steph Curry Make His Money?

It’s no secret that Steph Curry makes a ridiculous amount of money. Whether it’s from his basketball career or his business opportunities, there is a lot of revenue coming in. Though it’s not surprising considering he’s one of the best basketball players of all-time. Regardless, it brings up the question, how does Steph Curry make his money?

How Does Steph Curry Make His Money? Steph Curry has made a large sum of his money straight from the NBA with all of his signed contracts coming into play. He’s made an additional amount of money from all the endorsements that he has signed over the years. Curry has his own brand where he releases apparel and he even ventured into the business world to create and invest in numerous projects already. As it stands right now, Curry’s net worth is set to be ranging from $130 million to $160 million.

There is more information to be told regarding the methods that he makes money. Which is why we have to dive a little further into those sections. Steph certainly knows how to make the most out of any financial opportunity for him and his family.


As we mentioned earlier, the NBA is where he has generated a large amount of his money over the years. Now, he’s spent his entire career with the Golden State Warriors but that doesn’t mean that he was always compensated well. Throughout his first three years in the league, he had an annual salary of $2 million. It went up to $3.9 million during the fourth year before he received a pay increase afterwards. His salary increased by $1 million throughout the next four years starting at $9 million. When those four years ended, Curry was an entirely different player and one that everybody wanted on their team. Golden State wanted to pay him with everything they had so they began giving him $30 million plus a year. That number rose to $40 million and then this past season, went up to $45 million. His current contract is set to run through the 2025-2026 NBA season and will see him break the $50 million mark in three of those years, with the final one being listed at $59.6 million. With all of that mentioned and talked about, Curry has made a total of $254.7 million from his time in the league. If you factor in the money that he is currently set to make throughout the rest of his current contract, then he is going to be making $470 million. Plus, we could even see him play longer than that season on some smaller deals, as he is still at the top of his game. 


Every famous basketball player uses their branding to help net them endorsement deals. We normally always get to see some form of shoe deal on top of other stuff. For Curry, it’s like he’s gotten involved with a ton of different stuff. Among the companies that he’s worked with for endorsements have been Steiner Sports Memorabilia, Palm, Chase, Rakuten, Infiniti Motor Company and FTX Trading Limited are just a few of them. Palm is something that he’s worked with since 2018 and is a product involving wireless earbuds. FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that he endorses alongside NFL great Tom Brady. Infiniti Motor Company is his way into the automotive industry. Rakuten at one point was the Golden State Warriors main sponsor and they have helped Steph create his Eat. Learn. Play foundation. Finally, we have Chase which is for the banking company that also got the naming rights to their new stadium. We also can’t forget about Under Armour and the insane amount of money that Steph makes from them.  He had the fourth biggest shoe deal back in 2019 when it was announced that he was set to make $20 million.  These endorsements have been getting Curry a lot of extra cash on top of his playing deal.

Business Ventures

Curry knows that in order to maximize his revenue, he has to create some magic in the business side of things. Over the years, he’s done everything that he can to grow companies with investments and even found a few of his own. The first and most important was SC30, a company centered around his investments and branding and something that has always participated in the things that he does in business.  Companies that he’s invested in with SC30 include places like Tonal, Oxigen, TSM and SnapTravel. Sticking with the trend of him creating companies, he also made Unanimous Media. Unanimous Media is a production company that Curry created which has released a lot of new television shows and films. It was reported that the content coming out of this company is supposed to center around family and faith. It’s hard to tell how much money Steph is making from each of these businesses exactly, but with the way that they’ve grown over the years, it’s a fair assumption that he’s made quite a bit.

Real Estate

This may be just a small portion of his earnings to date but Steph has made some money from real estate also. For example, he was able to purchase a house in California back in 2016 that cost him about $5.775 million in total. After owning the property for three long years, Curry decided to sell it for a total of $6.3 million, making a good chunk of money back on the property. He’s purchased another house in Walnut, California for $3.2 million that he still currently holds onto but could sell in the future. Oh, and he’s got a $31 million house in Atherton, California that he resides in. If Steph ever decides to sell more of these properties, there is a very high chance that he’d make more money back compared to when he purchased the houses originally. This is just yet another avenue for Steph to come away with extra revenue.