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How do you know when an NBA Top Shot Drop is coming?

If any of you have been following NBA Top Shot then you would have realised that supply is currently not keeping up with demand. This is because NBA Top Shot is still in its beta stage of testing, the other day when a drop happened there were 250,000 people in the waiting room trying to obtain five thousand packs. Therefore, a question may be asked how do you know when an NBA Top Shot drop is coming.

How do you know an NBA Top Shot drop is coming? Email notifications, Reddit, Discord, and when the site is under maintenance are the key signs of when a drop is coming.

We’ve taken a look into the ways you can tell whether an NBA Top Shot drop is coming and how you can better your chances of obtaining a pack of NBA top shots which at the moment I like gold dust.

Email Notifications

If you sign up to NBA top shots on your laptop or phone you will get a little note at the bottom of your screen which says do you want push notifications from NBA Top Shot. If you want to get a pack you need to click yes, this is going to tell you when a drop is happening or when you’ve been gifted a moment. It’s easy to do click yes to ensure that you at least get a notification from your web browser. Now the next thing you need to do takes a little bit of work but literally a few minutes can pay dividends to being involved in a drop. You need to make yourself into a rookie on NBA Top Shot and there are a number of things that you need to do in your NBA Top Shot account in order to do this. The first is to pick a team, the second is to join their discord.

Once you’ve done all these things you will then receive an email from NBA Top Shots of when a drop is going to happen. However, for some people, this isn’t enough because emails can be delayed and notifications may not be seen. Also, there are packs that are dropped as part of stress tests that you will not receive an email from NBA Top Shot. So what else can be done to ensure you’re involved in a drop?

Reddit Community

One thing you can do is join the NBA Top Shot Reddit community. You can put notifications on this community so you get a notification of when people post saying that a drop is happening. they will say an NBA Top Shot drops is happening now and therefore it’s another way of finding out when a drop is happening at that point. I also find the NBA Top Shot Reddit community is very useful just to have a general chat about elements I don’t know or if I have questions like do people pay more for serial numbers that match the NBA Jersey of the player at the moment (No they don’t!).

Keep track of Discord

Like the Reddit community, The NBA Top Shot discord does the exact same thing as Reddit. However, the NBA Top Shot discord is a lot more active than the Reddit community, as it’s run by NBA Top Shot. Again it’s just another little advantage of trying to get in the waiting room for a drop.

Under maintenance

If you see the NBA Top Shot website under maintenance it usually means that a drop is going to happen. Now we don’t know how much longer this signal of under maintenance is gonna last. As obviously NBA Top Shot is still in its beta phase of testing and when they stress test a drop they do maintenance beforehand so it’s a clear indication that a drop is happening.


Timing is key to NBA Top Shot, so far there have been various times when drops have happened this is between 9 am PST time and 10:00 PM PST time. There have been other times for drops but these have been the main ones so just keep your eyes out on the day at this time typically if you at work nothing wrong with having a tab open and just hitting F5 just to see if a drop is happening on that day.

However, with all these drops it comes down to luck of the draw. There is a 20-minute window to get into the waiting room prior to the drop. If you are in a waiting room you do have a chance to get your hands on a moment from NBA Top Shot however, it all depends on the number of people that are in the drop. The other day there were 250,000 people trying to get their hands on 5000 base cards. Now, this was just for a stress test. NBA Top Shot has more moments to be issued in a drop and to be honest that was probably the first drop where I failed to get hold of anything. As the size of NBA Top Shot increases there is going to be more demand which will probably mean there will be more drops. Obviously, the base sets are the cheapest sets you can buy and therefore more people want them because it’s within our affordability spectrum. As you go up the pricing brackets then you are probably not going to find as much competition however there will still be competition. Don’t be disheartened if you do not get into a drop you just have to try again it’s luck of the draw and you know there’s always the marketplace. You just have to keep trying.

If you have managed to get your hands on a moment then make sure you check out the article we have written on how to value your NBA Top Shot Account.