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Does Michael Jordan like golf?

Undoubtedly, the greatest NBA player of all time Michael Jordan managed to revolutionize basketball completely. Not only did the legend of the Chicago Bulls establish himself in the annals of basketball, but also was fantastic in other sports. In the movie Space Jam, Jordan is seen playing 3 sports! Basketball, Baseball and maybe lesser well known – GOLF!

Does Michael Jordan like golf? Michael Jordan does like golf and after retiring from basketball, Jordan opened his own golf course and is often seen taking part in charity golf tournaments, as well as playing for fun. Given his athletic talent and competitive nature it should come as no surprise to anyone that Michael Jordan plays golf at a high level. 

The role of golf in the life of Michael Jordan has always been noteworthy. Let’s have a look at how the GOAT managed to get into golf and what achievements he has.

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How did golf appear in Michael Jordan’s life?

Legend says that in 1983, at the University of North Carolina, Jordan urgently needed to get rid of his negative energy. At the same time, a professional American golfer Davis Love III studied there and gave him the first lessons as a way to help him focus.

The most important thing in golf is that it helped Jordan to get away from the crowd, to forget about his status, forget about fame. Golf is a difficult thing, but it allows him to not think about basketball. Almost instantly golf captured Jordan completely.

Jordan himself confessed what he was suffering due to the lack of learning. “Stability is a problem,” he complained. – Sometimes it seems that you found yourself, and you get up the next morning, and nothing works. And again you have to adapt and catch a rhythm. 

From the late 80s, Jordan made incredible progress. And the stories about his adventures on the golf courses inevitably accompanied the best moments of his career.

When Jordan won the first championship he ignored the invitation to the White House to play golf. While Jordan was playing in the Olympics he would often get up early in the morning and play a round with head coach Chuck Daly. On the court Jordan competed with Barkley for MVP. So they became friends off the court and would often be seen playing golf against one another. In one playoff run Jordan had an astonishing performance against the Boston Celtics. That morning he had broken the rule not to communicate with the opposition team  in order to play golf against Celtics point guard Danny Ainge. 

Golf had a direct impact on Jordan’s career

In 1997 Jordan overestimated his own energy level in the fourth match of the conference finals against Miami. He spent the previous day playing golf and played well below the level he would expect from himself. During the game, he only made 2 shots from 22 and the Bulls lost. The Bulls quickly realized that with such a performance from their leader they could not do much against a great Miami team. Coach Phil Jackson started thinking about the next match and how to keep Jordan focused on the game that mattered and off the fairways!

Golf and catastrophe

Loving golf from the very beginning was inextricably linked with cash payments. As Jordan played a lot, there were a lot of people that he met. As a result, a hobby useful for the psyche gave rise to a major catastrophe in a career and led to retirement. It is well documented that Jordan loved to gamble.

In 1991 Jordan refused to meet with George Bush and, instead, went to Hilton Head Island, the resort in South Carolina, famous for its fields. There he met Slim Bouler and in a few days of golfing lost 57 thousand dollars.

Upon returning from recreation, Bouler was arrested. It turned out that in a golf-free time, he also took drugs. In his bags, they found 153 thousand dollars in cash and another check in the amount of 57 thousand dollars, signed by a well known basketball player.

So Jordan was in court. Despite the fact that he managed to be less affected, still, the scandal tormented him. Initially, Jordan said that he gave this money in debt (thereby confirming the statement of Bouler), but when arrested, denied this, Jordan had to maneuver  – with the law, the NBA and public opinion to get his career back on track unscathed.

The story with a Bouler unfolded in the summer of the ‘92, against the background of the Olympics and the Bulls second title in a row. Jordan then stated that he would not stop playing for money, but would bet smaller amounts.

Golf as a continuation of a career

Jordan attacks golf just like he attacked basketball in the 90’s. That is to say, he forces the tempo and tries to gain an advantage, using plenty of trash talk and psychological pressure.

From the other person’s perspective, it is quite difficult. But at the end of the basketball career, golf inherited all the same features of the Cult of Jordan. At one point, Jordan even celebrated his second wedding on the golf course.

Today, Jordan is the owner of a private Golf Club, Grove XXIII, where a lot of people go. one of the best golfers of all time Phil Mickelson confessed that he dreams of getting an invitation there. The club of Jordan is reported on with envy, for example, there are rumors that drones deliver beer to players right on the field.

Justin Thomas, a famous golfer once said how he grew in the fields. And as at one fine moment, Michael took him under his wing and the 16-year-old Thomas acted as his Scottie Pippen.

Today, Jordan calls Tiger Woods his “younger brother.” The latter noted that they call up every three or four days to talk about family and children. According to Tiger Woods, he just needs a person who gave him the power to whom he could share his thoughts. “This is such a support system. Such relationships between us existed for 12-13 years. I consciously do not climb into his case, but at the same time, I am close if he needs my help.”

A friendship born of true greatness finding each other.