Does Jimmy Butler like Country Music?

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Jimmy Butler was sensational in during the NBA playoffs in 2020, which took place in the NBA bubble in Florida. But there’s a lot of unanswered questions about Jimmy Butler, we know he likes coffee, he charged his team mates $20 for a cup of coffee whilst in the bubble. But what are his music tastes, does Jimmy Butler like country music?

Does Jimmy Butler like Country Music? Yes Jimmy Butler does like country music and has a lot of friends in the industry. Butler also starred in the country music video Light It Up.

Jimmy Butler likes country music because its so real and you can relate it to it. But how long has Jimmy Butler been a county music fan and what’s his favorite country song.

When did Jimmy Butler become a Country Fan?

Jimmy Butler went to Marquette college and whilst Jimmy was at college he picked up country music. His team mates would be blaring out their music and Jimmy would complain and his team mates challenged to play his own music before the game. He played Don’t take the Girl by Tim Mcgraw. All his team mates were against the music but Jimmy didn’t care. Jimmy says the lyrics of the country music is what he can relate to it.

Jimmy feels that country music has a little bit of Hip Hop and pop in it and through his love of country music he has made a number of friends with country music stars. Jimmy even appeared in Luke Bryans music video Light it Up. Jimmy Butlers favourite country star he has met up with is Taylor Swift

What’s Jimmy Butler favorite country song?

Jimmy Butlers favorite country song is Women by Florida George Line. He likes the music so much that he sang to his team mates prior to the game.

Does Jimmy Butler listen to Country Music before Games?

Jimmy Butler has his own playlist for warm ups before games. Butler states that his team mates aren’t very keen on the country music on the playlist but he likes to listen to it before the start of a game. If you fancy listening to Jimmy Butlers country playlist then you can listen to it on spotify here: /


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