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Do NBA players shoot with both hands?

There are indeed players who, even in the strongest league in the world, shoot with two hands. Some of them do it with solid success, while some of them are the subject of ridicule by the fans. This kind of shot mechanics doesn’t have to be problematic at all. The goal is to score a basket in any way. On the other hand, it is not very commendable that in a sport such as basketball, you have a desperate shot because that creates a big problem for your team. 

Do NBA players shoot with both hands? Players shoot with both hands, and have trouble adjusting to a different shooting technique. It doesn’t matter if you throw the ball with one or two hands if you do it satisfactorily. If there are no adequate results, then something must change. 

Over time, players get used to shooting with both hands, even if they are not very successful. Though this technique may seem funny to some, it does not have to be bad at all. Improving the mechanics of the shot in certain players is possible, and important training and hard work bring the shot to perfection. There are many names from the NBA who are known for this style of shooting and many other things related to the mentioned topic, who have failed to change such mechanics.

Shooting with Both Hands

I believe that when we were all little kids we shot a basketball with both hands. We are simply not strong enough at that age to throw the ball with one hand, especially from greater distances from the basket. As we get older, it is easier to throw the ball and then we are more and more able to throw the ball with one hand. On the other hand, we are all aware that only the name of a sport such as basketball says what the goal is in that sport. So the goal is to score a basket, and if that brings good results to you and your team then it doesn’t matter the way you throw the basketball out of your hands. We are witnesses that the players in the strongest basketball league in the world know how to have a very strange way of throwing the ball, and yet still manage to have quite decent percentages of shots. Some of them are just kicking the ball with both hands.

It certainly doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing at first glance, but it brings enviable results to some of them. On the other hand, some of the basketball players don’t have much success using both hands when shooting, so even if they hit, it’s a higher matter of coincidence than some elaborate techniques. Of course, the most important exercise in every sport. If you can throw the ball with both hands in a quality way, then there is no problem. Many basketball players are the subject of ridicule because of such a shot, but if it brings baskets, then there is not much reason to laugh. On the other hand, a certain type of ridicule would be justified in situations when players shooting in this way have no results and continue to apply this type of throw. They should work on their shot trying to improve the existing shooting technique or possibly try to shoot with one hand.

Shooting with Two Hands is Not a Bad Thing?

We mentioned in the previous part that as children, almost all of us when we were very young threw a basketball with both hands. We were not strong enough then to throw the ball with one hand. On the other hand, over time, children become stronger, but even though they can throw balls with one hand, they do it with both hands. The reason for that is not that the children are still weak, but simply that they obviously have a motor problem and are not able to use their stronger hand sufficiently. We said that it is not even a problem if the ball is thrown with both hands if that brings a result. 

Unfortunately, if you shoot using both hands and you are not precise, then you must work on improving your shooting technique. Your shot does not have to be brought to perfection, but you should try to bring the accuracy of the shot to a certain satisfactory percentage.

The Goal of Shooting

The goal of basketball is to make a basket, and if you have a bad shot, you can hardly succeed in one such sport. At the same time, we say again that we do not mean that you have an incredible percentage of shots, but that you are simply able to insert some shots in the game. Your team will be in a big deficit if your shot is not at a satisfactory level. We are now talking about children, and we can see that at the top level of basketball, such as the NBA, there are players who provoke ridicule with their criminal shots. Many then wonder how it is possible for players who earn huge money to throw a basketball with both hands in a horrible way that does not bring anything good to their teams.

Shooting Is Learned in Childhood

When it comes to players who throw a basketball with two balls, they obviously learned that from an early age, and over time they did not want to switch to the technique of shooting with one hand. Of course, as we have already said, it doesn’t look nice at all, so then the fans look at such basketball players with disgust. It’s all a matter of practice. It seems that the key to success in training is still during childhood. Later, it will be increasingly difficult to correct the shooting technique. It’s kind of like riding a bike or swimming. Once you learn that, then it is not forgotten. When we apply this analogy to the technique of shooting in basketball, then we should work with children to improve their technique of shooting in the aesthetic sense, and what is even more important when it comes to precision.

The goal is to score a basket but if you see that you are not doing very well then you are aware that you need to change something. If you want to become a top basketball player then you must not allow yourself to have a disastrous shot. Opponent defenses will build a defense around you and will allow you to shoot because that team is aware that you are harmless when it comes to shooting. So the key to solving the problem of shot mechanics lies at an even younger age. Then that problem must be solved because later it becomes more and more difficult. Players get used to a certain style of shooting and even though it does not bring them success, they continue to shoot that way. Simply establishing is a certain kind of automatism and regardless of the fact that there is no progress, the players stay with the established technique of shooting.

How to Improve a Shot?

So while you are still young you need to learn as soon as possible to be able to throw a basketball with one hand. It is clear that at that age there is a certain disharmony in the use of your stronger and your weaker hand, but this must be corrected at an early age because then you will have big problems in the future when you become a mature and adult person. In basketball, it will sometimes be desirable to be able to throw the ball equally well with both your left and right hand when the position is not adequate. On the other hand, if you throw the ball with both hands, your team could have big problems if your shot is not level. The player should work on the mechanics of the shot at a younger age. He must learn as soon as possible to throw the ball with one hand or, if he is already throwing the ball with both hands, to try to do it in the most precise way possible.

Later, these mistakes are very difficult to correct. It is much easier for players who throw the ball with one hand to change the existing shooting technique to one that should bring greater precision. Let’s repeat once again so that you would not misunderstand us. If you throw the ball with both hands and you have a completely satisfactory percentage of shots, then that is not a problem. However, this is something that can be noticed even in the younger days. The coach should work with a player who eventually throws the ball with both hands and his shot percentage is not good at all. Such a player should then work on throwing the ball differently.

He must try to use his stronger hand in a better way, although there are certainly players who serve both hands equally well. Still, one hand is certainly more dominant than the other. When the coach notices that despite daily practice, the player still has not decided to use the dominant hand, then you should work on the player trying to achieve the best possible percentage of shots with this shot mechanic. A player should be able to have at least some 40% success rate. Anything below that, we will be a bit rude, it would be a great shame for that player. A sub-40% shooting percentage would be a horrible assessment for someone who plays basketball professionally. You just have to be able to score a basket in a sport called basketball.

If you are not able to do that, then basketball is almost certainly not a sport for you. Of course, multi-colored exercises are done in the pieces of training so that the players can sufficiently use both hands. This does not only mean shooting but also dribbling and leading the ball because it is something that will help the player to raise the quality of the game to a higher level. It should be noted that it is very difficult for players to switch from a shot with both hands to a shot technique in which one hand is used when throwing. These are two diametrically opposed abilities. Coaches seem to pay much more attention to players switching from one technique to another than to perfecting existing techniques. We are witnesses that there are players who have very bad percentages, even though they throw the ball with one hand.

That fact tells us that a two-handed throw does not have to be wrong and problematic at all. Whether you shoot with one or both hands, the most important thing is to score a basket. Whether it will look nice or not is the least important. Shoot anyway but be able to give a basket. It is, therefore, necessary to try at an early age for players to find their dominant hand. If that is not possible, then you should deal with the two-handed throw. Efforts should be made so that the player can shoot as well as possible despite throwing the ball with both hands. This refers to the work of the coach, but at the same time to the work of the player. The player has to work hard to improve his shot mechanics. He must not allow himself to throw the ball out of his hands just for the sake of order, aware that his shot is desperate.

He simply needs to work on mechanics, and certainly, concentration and focus are very important when you play basketball. Self-confidence is of course very important. When you connect these things in the right way, then you can succeed regardless of whether you shoot the ball with one or both hands. Indeed, when we look at certain players in a league like the NBA it seems that certain players are not working on their shot at all and that they have fully accepted the fact that their shot is unsatisfactory. This is a rather strange fact for all those who do sports and who like to follow sports. The situation should be such that as time goes on you try to be as good as possible.

In basketball, as in all other aspects of life, there will be beautiful and ugly moments, but every day the player should try to be as good as possible. A player cannot perfect his shooting technique whether he performs it with one hand or with both hands if he does not want to. The coach in that situation must then try and motivate the player to work on himself. It is very difficult to accept the fact that certain professional basketball players shoot in a very devastating way. Of course, every fan will ask himself what a professional player does in training if he shoots so desperately. That is a very interesting fact. It is possible that the coaches decided to work with them on other things such as working out in the gym, player strength, rebounds, dribbling etc.

Players Who Use Both Hands in Shooting Motion

So some players throw the ball with one hand while some others who are certainly in the minority do it with both hands. Regardless of the style, the most important thing is to achieve a basket, so the style itself is not so important if it brings an adequate result. Many players serve equally well with both hands, although one hand is certainly more dominant. Legendary Kobe Bryant was just such a player. He used his left and right hands equally well. Legendary Boston Celtics player Bob Cousy was forced to use his left arm because he once suffered a right arm injury. The aforementioned Kobe Bryant experienced something similar during his career. Ben Simmons, who doesn’t have a satisfactory percentage of shots, is originally right-handed, but he shoots with his left hand.

DeAndre Jordan also shoots with his left hand while, for example, he hits with his right hand. His shot is not his strong suit. Lebron James does everything with his left hand except when he shoots. LeBron once stated about that fact. “I don’t know how I became a right-winger at all – it was probably because of Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway, a player I looked up to when I was growing up. I saw that they were shooting with their right hand, so it was logical for me to shoot like that. ”James explained that equally good service with both hands is the result of hard training. “By the way, I’m left-handed outside of basketball. I don’t shoot often with my left hand, but I can insert those shots. When I do my craft, I do it with both hands.

When I was little, coach Frank Walker told me, ‘If you can’t pass the ball to the left, you won’t be any basketball player,’ so he taught me how to do the left two-step. Ever since I started playing organized basketball as a kid, I’ve been working on a left-handed shot, and I still do today. ” So, as we mentioned, everything can be done if you make an effort. A two-handed shot doesn’t have to be a problem at all if you try to perfect it in the right way over time. You must never give up. He may laugh at you at first, but when one day you become a top basketball player, then you will laugh at others.

The fact that there are players who shoot with both hands in one league, such as the NBA, really seems unreal. In this league, a lot of work is done on perfecting various individual qualities in players, but despite that, some players shoot with two hands, and some of them do it in a very bad way. On the other hand, some players have enviable percentages despite throwing the ball with both hands. Here are just a few of the players we have or have had the opportunity to watch in the NBA and throw the ball with both hands. LaMelo Ball, one of the brothers and a famous basketball family, shoots quite well, although he uses both hands in the mechanics of the shot. To clarify, we said that he shoots well, but not that he is at a top-level. First of all, he is a good performer of free throws, while in the shot from the outside, he still has problems with consistency. Too often he can be fast and that can be a problem when you have the aforementioned mechanics of the shot.

On the other hand, we also have a guy who delights the fans with his, so we have to admit that he was a very funny throw-out. Joakim Noah is often the subject of ridicule in the show of the celebrated center, Shaq. Leandro Barbosa had a similar shooting technique, but he performed it in a much better way than Noah. What is amazing is the fact that when Noah throws the ball it flies almost horizontally. It’s something that every basketball fan will react to with ridicule and wonder how it is possible for a basketball player with such a desperate technique is in the NBA. It happens to hit sometimes, but it is more a coincidence. We all remember the legendary Shawn Marion and his shot. In his career, he managed to reach a success rate that was just over 48%. Regardless of that fact, he had quite a decent NBA career.