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Did LaVar Ball Play in the NBA?

Lonzo, Lamelo, and Liangelo Ball were all briefly in the NBA for a short period of time (10 days to be exact). With three brothers making it to the NBA, you may wonder whether their father LaVar Ball, had ever played in the NBA? The chances of making the NBA as a player are slim, but for three brothers to make the league is astounding and the potential odds of that happening are huge. Was their Dad’s basketball ability the reason the Ball brothers are in the NBA, did LaVar Ball play in the NBA himself?

Did LaVar Ball Play in the NBA? LaVar Ball did not play in the NBA. His preferred sport was American Football however, he never made the NFL. He did play for the practice squads of the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers.

There is no doubt that LaVar Ball is an excellent developer of talent. Any parent would need to nurture the children in the right way to make them into a sports superstar.

Did LaVar Ball get Drafted?

LaVar Ball was never drafted into the NBA. However, LaVar was a very good basketball player so much so that LaVar committed to play basketball for NCAA 1 Division Washington State. Here Ball played as a power forward. Although LaVar Ball established himself at Washington State he moved back to his native Los Angeles to play at Cal-State with his brothers. Although LaVar liked basketball his sport was American football, of which he had a reasonable amount of success. Although not drafted into the NFL, he got into the practise squad of the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers.

What NBA team did LaVar ball play for?

LaVar hasn’t played for any NBA team as he was never drafted into the NBA. However, his eldest son Lonzo has so far played for the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans. LaVars middle son LiAngelo was signed by the Detriot Pistons in 2020 on a 10 day contract but was waived when it expired. LaVar’s youngest son, Lamelo, was drafted by Michael Jordans Charlotte Hornets in the 2020 NBA Draft and so far is on course to prove he’s the best of the bunch.

Did LaVar Ball play Against Michael Jordan?

In March 2017, LaVar Ball said he could beat Michael Jordan one on one if both of them were still in their prime. The most likely reason for this outburst, was the fact that Lonzo Ball was entering the NBA draft and any media publicity is good publicity. In the end media pressure meant Michael Jordan had to respond to LaVar Ball. As you can see he did it as only he can:

I think he played college, maybe? He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really? It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’ma give it to you because you asked the question. I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.”

Michael jordan

Lets be totally honest, LaVar is never going to beat the G.O.A.T. However, the possibility of a LaVar vs MJ games could happen as Lamelo was signed by the Charlotte Hornets whose owner is Michael Jordan. During the Last Dance documentary, Jordan said he took everything personally therefore, MJ was bound to have taken LaVars comments personally and may want to prove a point. However, Lamelo has since poured cold water on the possibility of a match up between the two.