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Did J Cole Play in the NBA?

The music industry and NBA go hand in hand. They influence each other and numerous artists are regularly seen at NBA games. There has been some mild success with music artists playing in the NBA, with Master P having played briefly in pre-season games for the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Hornets. However, in the summer of 2020, it came to light that J Cole may actually play basketball for an NBA team so the question is asked is J Cole in the NBA?

Did J Cole play in the NBA? J Cole is not in the NBA and has never played in the NBA. However, he was offered a try out with the Detroit Pistons but he did not take up this offer.

We have taken a look at J Cole and his basketball ability and whether he could actually make it onto an NBA team. Given the fact that the Detroit Pistons were famously the last NBA Franchise to have 1 million followers on social media, having J Cole may actually help the Pistons out, from a publicity standpoint rather than a plain standpoint.

Is J Cole Good At Basketball?

Like many American kids, sports are pushed significantly within schools. J Cole was obsessed with basketball as a child and played regularly. However, he was cut from his high school team a number of times. He kept pushing himself to make it into his high school team but there was to be no fairytale ending, as J Cole never made his High School Team. J Cole realised that his basketball career was just a pipe dream.

J Cole focused on his music and became a global superstar. However, he still got to play in the NBA sort of, as he played in the celebrity NBA game but you still weekend in 2012. Check out his alley-oop dunk below.

You may be wondering why the Detroit Pistons offered a 35-year-old musician the chance to play with them. J Cole headed up a Puma advert which made out that he was training hard to play in the NBA. Given that there are clips of J Cole on the internet tearing up NBA players , it could be viable that J Cole was trying to get fit for the NBA. Without a shadow of a doubt, Jay Cole has got a game and he can play he’s got a nice jump shot and read the game well.

I wish that J Cole took the Detroit Pistons offer of a try out seriously, just to see if he could make the grade. Kids dream of being called up to an NBA team, I think he should J Cole should have taken this opportunity and tried out for the Detroit Pistons but it seems like the moment has passed.

What Rapper was in the NBA?

You may have read our other article about Master P being in the NBA. Master P is the only rapper to of made it to the NBA. Master P played for the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Hornets in pre-season games. However, he never made it to an NBA game and was cut before the season started.

Master P love basketball and although he did not make it to a NBA team in the late 90s he did create his own basketball team in Global Mixed Gender Basketball League.