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Did Andre Drummond appear in a Blippi Video?

If you have children then you may of heard of Blippi, the clown who wears blue and orange. Blippi publishes educational videos for young children. However, you may be wondering, has Andre Drummond appeared in a Blippi?

Did Andre Drummond appear in a Blippi Video? Philidelphia 76rs centre Andre Drummond has two children and didn’t hesitate to join Blippi in making a video on basketball.

We take a look at the video that Andre Drummond made with Blippi and what the video contained. As a parent myself and a basketball player, I wanted to see whether this video will help my children in anyway.

Blippi Basketball Video Plot

Blippi attends the Los Angeles Athletic Club to play basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers was where Andre Drummond played basketball last season before being traded to the Philadelphia 76rs. Blippi explains the basic premise of basketball with regards to the points scoring system. Blippi then turns around to find Andre Drummond who explains that he is a big fan of Blippi because his children watch his videos.

Blippi ask Drummond why he is practicing when he is the best and Drummond retorts that to stay the best you must still practice. Blippi asks to be taught by Drummond who then explains that in order to play basketball you need to know how to stretch. The stretching process consists of jumping jacks followed by the stretching of their hamstrings by trying to touch their toes. The last bit of stretching was reaching to the ceiling to make sure your arms are flexible.

Drummond takes Blippi to the court and explains he will teach him how to dribble, pass, shoot and dunk. Drummond explains to Blippi that you can’t just run around with the ball as that would be travelling and the ball would be given to the opposition. The pair move on to passing and Drummond explains how there two types of passes in basketball the chest pass and bounce pass. The pair demonstrate these passes and Drummond informs Blippi that you need to step into the passes.

Drummond explains how the points system in basketball works. Drummond shows how a two point is made and shoots a three pointer (spoiler alert he misses). Drummond shows Blippi how the shooting form he should make when taking a shot and highlights that his arm should be L shaped when taking a shot. The pair master shooting and go onto dunking.

Drummond explains that dunking is complicated to do. Blippi asks if Drummond can dunk and Drummond obliges.

The pair play a one on one game and Drummond allows Blippi a few points, for entertainment purposes. The two talk whilst taking a break and Drummond explains that he has been playing basketball for a long time and that he has had a basketball in his hands ever since he could remember. Blippi asks if Drummond always wanted to be a professional basketball player and Drummond explains that he wanted to be a professional player but he had to practice, practice until he got to the top.

Blippi asks Drummond what other things he likes to do other than basketball. Drummond says he enjoys bowling. Drummond mentions that golf is another of his passions. Blippi also asks how tall Drummond is and he confirms he is 6 feet and 10 inches tall. This leads Blippi to his next question, what’s the most points you have scored in a game, Drummond confirms that the most he has scored in a basketball game is 36 points. Andre Drummond then autographs Blippi’s basketball.

Drummond is a great sport and asks to dress like Blippi and clearly has taken part in the video for his kids. What a great guy. This is a great video if you have kids or if you have to watch hours of Blippi everyday (like I do with my kids). Your kids will learn the basics of basketball and hopefully will take up the sport.