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Detroit Pistons Jersey Guide 2020

Knowing which jersey to buy for a season can always be a hard decision to make. If you are a Detroit Pistons fans you are in luck. Ady from Basketball Noise is a massive Detroit Pistons fan and he has given a complete low down of the the Detroit Pistons Jerseys for 2020.

How many Jerseys will the Detroit Pistons play in during the 2019/20 NBA season?

The Pistons have 4 different official Nike jerseys this season. They include the Association jersey in White, the Icon Jersey in Royal Blue, the Statement jersey in grey and this year a new City Edition jersey in Red. The Pistons choose red for this jersey as it is a primary colour in all of the Pistons colour schemes, one they have used in the past and a very popular colour with muscle car’s of which the jersey is designed to celebrate along with the Motor City chest script.

Have the Pistons played in Red before?

The Red city edition jerseys could also be seen as honouring some of the great Pistons teams and players of the past. This includes the Red jersey worn by Grant Hill in his Rookie season in 1995 and more recently the jerseys wore between 2005-07 by the Championship team of Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Ben and Rasheed Wallace. Perhaps the most famous of all the Pistons red jerseys however was the much sought after Red alternate version of the 1996 flaming horse logo. Again worn by Grant Hill, the iconic logo shows the stallion with a flaming mane, with the ‘S’ of the Pistons merging into exhaust pipes to really play up the connections to Detroits automotive past. Which Player should I get on a Pistons jersey this year?

Which Player should I get on a Pistons jersey this year?

The best player on the Pistons is currently Blake Griffin, however he has had a injury blighted and success starved stint on the Pistons so far, so you might want to consider other options. The closet thing to a club legend on the current squad is Andre Drummond, who has spent all of his 8 NBA seasons with the Pistons after being drafted with the 9th selection in the 2012 draft. However, Andre is a free agent in the summer of 2020, and could even be moved at the trade deadline.

The most decorated player on the Pistons this season is probably Derrick Rose, he was the youngest ever player to win the NBA MVP trophy back in 2010-11 at only 22 years old. And a Pistons City jersey with 25 ‘Rose’ on the back could be a future collectors item!

If you wanted to look to the future your best bet would be young French prospect, Sekou Doumbouya, playing either forward position in the number 45 jersey he is an exciting prospect that the Pistons hope they can turn into a future star.

Why do the Pistons not play in Teal?

As stated before, one of the most famous Pistons jersey sets of all time is the flaming horse head jerseys that the team wore from 1996 to 2001. These jerseys came in Teal, White and Red. The Teal jersey was quite unpopular with many Detroit fans when it first launched as they were such a departure from the traditional colour schemes of Royal Blue, White and Red. However they have grown into a cult classic with many fans clamouring for their return to the court.

However due to NBA rules these jerseys can only be reissued as ‘Hardwood Classics’ during a 5 year anniversary of the pistons franchise. This means that the next available chance to wear them would be the 2022-23 season and would require an application to the NBA two years in advance.

Who was the best player to wear the Pistons teal jersey?

Joe Dumars was a two time NBA Champion and the MVP of the 1989 finals, as he played until 1999, he spent the final two years of his career wearing the Pistons teal and so is arguably the best Piston to ever wear this uniform.

However, the most memorable player to ever wear the Teal Pistons uniform was undoubtedly Grant Hill in his number 33 jersey. During this era, Hill made 5 NBA All-star teams and was also an NBA First team selection in 1997. You can still buy the Mitchell and Ness swingman version of this jersey.

An honourable mention must also go to Jerry Stackhouse who rocked this jersey with number 42, and in the red version, broke the scoring record for the Pistons with 57 points against the Chicago Bulls.