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Best Strategy for Betting on The NBA Playoffs

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The NBA playoffs draw millions of basketball fans to the TV screens every season.

And while only several thousand are privileged to watch “The Battle of The Giants” live, everybody is free to bet on the playoff bouts via different online sportsbooks.

What Makes the Playoffs Special?

Consider the following peculiarities while preparing your betting strategy for the NBA‘s eliminations phase.

No Fatigue Factor

The playoffs show basketball of the highest quality, as the participants throw in the best they have on the bench.

The Participants Know Each Other

There’s no time for studying your opponent in the playoffs. All teams know one another very well from their encounters during the season.

Strategy Outweighs Tactics

Every playoff match has up to seven games, and the team with the better strategy wins the series. Tactics help prepare the team for one game, but playoffs are a war of attrition.

The Best NBA Playoff Betting Strategy Is a Combination of Strategies

Bookies would have taken NBA playoffs off their tickets long ago if there was a consistently winning method.

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Here are the most popular NBA betting strategies. You can combine them and work out that wins at least 52% of your bets.

Playoff Strategies for Beginners

Over/Under and Totals

Here, the most profitable bets are against the “Over” line. In other words, you’ll win more money with a small wager if you predict that both teams will score less than, say, 249.5 points in a given playoff game. Use Caesars Sports promo code to make a risk-free first bet.

Parlay Bets

You can combine several of the above strategies on a single betting ticket. Parlay bets are harder to win, but you can make several predictions with a small wager.

Playoff Strategies for Experts

The Winner in Game 1 Will Probably Lose Game 2

Statisticians have calculated that if the favorite loses the first game in the series on their home parquet, their chance to bounce back by winning game Two is 50%.

The team that lost game One by 12 points against the spread has an even bigger (55%) chance of winning game Two. A typical NBA playoff spread is + 4/-4 points.

On the other hand, if the favorite won game One at home, the underdog stands 26% to level the score in the series by winning game Two as guests.

If A Teams Leads 2-0, They’re Likely to Lose Game 3

If a team has won the first two games in the series, they may decide to be more cautious in the third game.

On the other hand, the lagging team will have nothing to lose, so they will throw all in to keep their chances alive.

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If they have lost the previous two games by four points or less, the likelihood of winning the third game by more than 4 points exceeds 57%.

How to Bet on Game 7?

Each NBA playoff encounter consists of seven games at most. The team with the home-turf advantage is privileged to host the final bout.

The team playing the final game at home has over a 55% chance of winning the series.

Statistically, the team that won their previous series in less than seven games stands a 60% chance of winning the final encounter in their next series.