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Atlanta Hawks Road Jersey 1982-1986

About the Jersey

This was the first jersey that Dominique Wilkins wore for the Atlanta Hawks. This was due to Wilkins being drafted by the Hawks in 1982.

Although the Hawks were dominant during this period, the Hawks never made an NBA finals. This was due to the eastern power houses of Detroit and Boston knocking the Hawks out of the playoffs.

This jersey is synonymous with the Slam Dunk Contest for the 1980s where Wilkins and Spud Webb, both of the hawks, challenge for the Slam Dunk Contest title.

Jersey Colours


The manufacturer for the Atlanta Hawks Road Jersey from 1982-1986 was Russell Athletic. Russell Athletic also made jerseys for the Pacers and the Clippers during this period.

In 1986 the Sandknit would make the jerseys for every team in the NBA. The jock tag for the jersey’s manufactured by Russell Athletic are as per the image to the left.

Font & Logo

The font used for the word Hawks on the jersey is Palatino Black.

The logo for the 1982-1986 Atlanta Hawks Road jersey is as per above. This logo was in use from 1972- 1995.

Size Guide

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Washing Instructions

When washing the 1982-1986 Road Atlanta Hawks jersey, ensure that it is washed separately from other clothes. Warm water should be used on this clothes washing cycle. The cycle should be set to gentle.

Do not bleach the jersey and if you need to tumble dry the jersey ensure that this is done on a low heat.

Where to buy this Jersey

If you are looking to buy this jersey then one of the below retailers may have this jersey in stock. Click the logo of the shop to be taken to that shop. If the jersey is this current seasons jersey or a recently worn jersey then Fanatics and the NBA Store are your best bet in order to pick up the jersey. However, if the jersey is more vintage then the other shops may a version of the jersey.

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