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Are NBA Players Allowed to Ski?

If you are an NBA player, you need to be physically prepared for your NBA Season (which could stretch with pre-season from September to June). However, in a players down time, like other sports stars, NBA players would like to unwind with other activities. Given the location of where NBA players are based, for instance wear it is renowned for its slopes, it made me wonder. Are NBA players allowed to ski?

Are NBA Players allowed to ski? No NBA Players are note allowed to Ski. Skiing can be a dangerous sport and franchises can include clauses within contracts to prohibit NBA players from Skiing as well as other activities which may increase the risk of injury, such as hover boarding and jet skiing.

Can NBA Teams stop a Player Skiing?

Yes, a NBA team can stop an NBA player from Skiing. In 2018 Danilo Gallinari signed a massive contract with the LA Clippers raking in a cool $65million contract. However, there was one catch to this amazing contract, he’s not allowed to ski. As a native Italian, it is no surprise that Danilo may have dabbled in skiing in his younger days, as this is a common school activity in Europe. However, when he re-entered the NBA with the Clippers in 2018 Danilo confirmed to TMZ that his contract forbids him from skiing.

Is there any other activities NBA players are banned from doing?

Yes there are other activities NBA players are banned from doing. As well as activities that a NBA franchise may deem to be too dangerous, the actual league has banned activities for all basketball players. The league and players union came to an agreement to include the exclusion of certain activities in return for a bumper pay rise for contracts following the increase of tv rights. Examples of activities which have been restricted are hoverboarding, jet skiing and trampolining. This has been in affect since 2016.

You maybe wondering why the NBA would be so keen to ban such activities for NBA players. It is important to remember that the NBA doesn’t sell the teams like other sports, they sell individuals. The NBA cannot market a player if they are side lined with a long-term injury through taking part in a risky activity. In soccer, ex Chelsea Captain was side-lined with a long term injury after going on bumper cars at a fairground.

Do NBA Players like Skiing?

Yep, NBA players like skiing that’s for sure. During his farewell season Kobe was asked what he was looking forward to doing in retirement (If you haven’t read it already click here to find out how Kobe’s retirement video won him an oscar). Kobe responded with ‘ I’m looking forward to skiing a little bit, I’ve never skied before’. On hearing this the Utah Jazz gave Kobe Bryant a pair Salomon Skis and a season pass to Snowbird. Snowbird is one if the places to go and ski in Utah.

However, Kobe Bryant is not the only NBA player who enjoys skiing. Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum and WNBA superstar Maria-Sophie Obama purchased two ski resorts in France in the spring of 2019. All three are French and as mentioned previously skiing is a part of every day life in various parts of France, particularly in school curriculum. Tony Parker appreciated that he was coming to the end of his career and decided to take over a number of ski resorts. As skiing is a passion for Tony Parker, he hopes that his celebrity will help bring more tourists to the resort.

What Would an NBA Player wear Skiing?

If Kobe was going to Snowbird for skiing, you may wonder what would Kobe wear. We have looked at Planks Clothing to see what Kobe would wear on the slopes. Given Kobe’s commitment to basketball, I would imagine he would commit to skiing in the same way and before you know it he would be skiing off piste. Planks provide clothing brands such as Hunter for skiing, particularly off piste.

We reckon Kobe would rock the slopes in the Lakers yellow Hunter Shell Jacket. This would also go well with the Hunter Shell Bib.

But what about night time, what would Kobe wear? Planks do casual clothing as well. We reckon Kobe would wear an Old School Men’s Reunion Soft Shell Jacket and a classic Trucker Hat for his time off from the slopes, when he is chilling in the lodge.